hip stretches for runners and subacromial bursitits

Best Hip Stretches for Runners | Treat Subacromial Bursitits

I’ve got 2 new articles for you on PrecisionMovement.coach, covering:

  1. The Best Hip Stretches for Runners – learn why running and tightness go hand in hand and what you can do to prevent that.
  2. How to Treat and Prevent Subacromial Bursitits Рwhat causes subacromial bursitits and a 5 step plan to keep your shoulders healthy and free of pain.

New PMc Article #1:
The 5 Best Hip Stretches for Runners

hip stretches for runners

Do you love running but you can’t fully enjoy it because of pain and mobility limitations? Read this article to find out how running leads to hip flexor tightness and how you can train your body more efficiently for running.


New PMc Article #2:
5 Step Plan to Treat and Prevent Subacromial Bursitis

If you’re dealing with subacromial bursitis, there are a few ways you can get rid of that restrictive pain and discomfort in your arms. Learn what’s causing this issue first and follow my 5-step plan to treat and prevent subacromial bursitis.


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