shoulder impingement stretches - hovering pushup

Treat a Pulled Hamstring | Shoulder Impingement Stretches

I’ve got two new articles on this week, focusing on:

  1. Helping you treat a pulled hamstring – what are the symptoms of a hamstring strain and a few strategies to help treat it
  2. Shoulder impingement – why does it happen and 3 powerful stretches to ease the pain


New PMc Article #1:
How to Treat a Pulled Hamstring

how-to-treat-a-pulled-hamstring-painAlways feeling this intense pain in the back of your leg when you go jogging? Read this article to learn how to treat and prevent this common injury.


New PMc Article #2:
3 Powerful Shoulder Impingement Stretches For Pain Relief

shoulder impingement stretches - hovering pushup

If you’re dealing with a shoulder impingement, these 3 quick stretches will help you eliminate the pain and more importantly, they will help you prevent this condition.

Read moreĀ >>

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