WHAT IT IS: a 6-week program including everything you need to develop nasty submission strength and endless submission stamina. Trains the muscles and movement patterns related to pulling off chokes and armbars.

WHO IT’S FOR: any MMA fighter, BJJ player, or submission artist who knows they’d be getting more finishes in fights, competitions, or training if they didn’t gas out so quickly. If you want to add another weapon to your arsenal and never have to give up a submission because you’re fatigued again, this program is for you.

WHAT IT IS: 2 phase periodized S&C program designed to develop quickness, cardio and punching power in the minimum amount of time possible.

WHO IT’S FOR: boxers or striking athletes who want to develop knockout power in their hands, endless cardio and quickness on their feet. The 2 unique phases allow you to maintain a high level of fitness and take fights on short notice (2 weeks), since boxing is notorious for this so you’ve got to be ready.

WHAT IT IS: the most comprehensive strength and conditioning program for mixed martial arts available. Includes strength training, power development, power endurance training, cardio, medicine ball exercises, mobility and flexibility, injury prevention and more.

WHO IT’S FOR: Mixed Martial Artists, BJJ players, Muay Thai fighters and other combat athletes who are training with the goal of fighting either amateur or pro and want an easy to follow, step-by-step, periodized program to develop explosive power and endless cardio.