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Serratus Anterior Exercises for Healthy Shoulders | Rehab a Strained Rotator Cuff

The sole focus on this week has been the shoulders and I’ve got a ton of tips for you on how to keep them healthy to help you avoid issues like impingement or scapular winging.

Here you go:

New PMc Article #1:
5 Serratus Anterior Exercises for Healthy Shoulders

serratus anterior exercises

Do you have winged shoulder blades that stick out in the back? Chances are weakness in your serratus anterior muscle might be causing that. Read this article to discover the important role of this muscle in keeping your scapulae healthy and try these exercises to prevent issues like shoulder impingement or scapular winging.


New PMc Article #2:
The Fastest Way to Rehab a Strained Rotator Cuff

baseball pitch - strained rotator cuffIf you’re into weight lifting, swimming,  or playing baseball or any other sports that involve rapid overhead arm movements, you’re at risk for rotator cuff injuries. Here’s what you should know if you’ve been injured and follow this 7 step plan to help you recover from a strained rotator cuff.


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