Patellar Tracking Disorder | Shoulder Rehab | Sitting Exercises for Hip Mobility

Here’s what I’ve got for you on PMc this week:

  1. A thorough guide on what Patellar Tracking Disorder really is and why fixing this issue won’t help your knee pain.
  2. How do rotator cuff injuries happen and some effective exercises to rehab an injured shoulder.
  3. 4 awesome Hip Mobility exercises you can do WHILE sitting – so if you’re feeling too lazy to get up and exercise, you don’t have an excuse ­čśë


New PMc Article #1:
The TRUTH About Patellar Tracking Disorder

patellar-tracking-disorder-human-kneeAre you experiencing persistent┬áknee pain? Learn what’s actually causing your pain and why treating Patellar Tracking Disorder won’t help with this.


New PMc Article #2:
Top 6 Supraspinatus Exercises for Rehabbing an Injured Shoulder

An injured shoulder is no joke. It can hinder your ability to lift your arm and perform even the most simple day-to-day activities. These 6 supraspinatus exercises are a great way to rehab your shoulder so you can safely speed up the healing process and prevent re-injuries.


New PMc Article #3:
4 Hip Mobility Moves to Do When Sitting

hip mobility exercises while sittingSpending hours sitting down at your desk is likely causing your low back pain and movement limitations. Here are 4 simple hip mobility exercises you can do to address these issues (you can even do these while sitting down at work!).


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