shoulder impingement stretches - hovering pushup

Treat a Pulled Hamstring | Shoulder Impingement Stretches

I’ve got two new articles on this week, focusing on: Helping you treat a pulled hamstring – what are the symptoms of a hamstring strain and a few strategies to help treat it Shoulder impingement – why does it happen and 3 powerful stretches to ease the pain   New PMc Article #1: How…

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Patellar Tracking Disorder | Shoulder Rehab | Sitting Exercises for Hip Mobility

Here’s what I’ve got for you on PMc this week: A thorough guide on what Patellar Tracking Disorder really is and why fixing this issue won’t help your knee pain. How do rotator cuff injuries happen and some effective exercises to rehab an injured shoulder. 4 awesome Hip Mobility exercises you can do WHILE sitting…

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sprained ac joint healthy knees

Heal a Sprained AC Joint | 5 Exercises for Healthy Knees

This week on I’ve got 2 great articles covering: What to do if you’ve sprained your AC joint and a few tests to help you determine whether you’ve got an AC joint dysfunction or a shoulder impingement. A short anatomy lesson on the knees and 5 great techniques to help alleviate achy knees if you’ve…

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healthy shoulders

Serratus Anterior Exercises for Healthy Shoulders | Rehab a Strained Rotator Cuff

The sole focus on this week has been the shoulders and I’ve got a ton of tips for you on how to keep them healthy to help you avoid issues like impingement or scapular winging. Here you go: New PMc Article #1: 5 Serratus Anterior Exercises for Healthy Shoulders Do you have winged shoulder…

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hip stretches for runners and subacromial bursitits

Best Hip Stretches for Runners | Treat Subacromial Bursitits

I’ve got 2 new articles for you on, covering: The Best Hip Stretches for Runners – learn why running and tightness go hand in hand and what you can do to prevent that. How to Treat and Prevent Subacromial Bursitits – what causes subacromial bursitits and a 5 step plan to keep your shoulders healthy and…

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Master the Pistol Squat | 3 Techniques to Decrease FAI Pain

I’m covering 2 new topics on this week: 1. Hip Impingement – what are the signs of femoral acetabular impingement and 3 techniques to help you manage the pain. 2. Pistol Squats – 3 key benefits to adding them to your workout routine and 3 new pistol squat progressions to improve your technique by helping…

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New Site for Pain, Injuries and Flexibility Problems

I’ll be taking a break from posting new content here on for a while as I focus on building up – my new site that will be all about helping you with pain, injuries and flexibility problems. There are already over 10 blog posts to help you out and we’re adding 2-3 new…

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Forward Crawl: Exercise for Squat & Hamstring ROM

New Crawl Exercise for Squat & Hamstring ROM

Today, I’ve got a new crawl exercise for you that I call the Forward Squat Crawl that provides 2 major benefits: 1) Cement a deep and stable bottom squat position 2) Lengthen your hamstring ROM A bonus benefit is it might also make you feel like an assassin. Work up to 2-3 sets of 6…

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Technique for Overhead Mobility and Bad Posture

I cannot overstate the importance of working on your posture, especially when I walk around the city and see people like this: What’s even worse is when I am one of these people! That’s why today’s drill and other exercises like this that address your thoracic spine and shoulders  are important to do on a…

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3 Steps to Better Glute Activation During Deadlifts

I recently got this question about glute activation from a VIP subscriber: This is a very common situation people find themselves in because our glutes are often sleepy because we sit on them all day and it’s particularly difficult to get the glutes firing during Deadlifts. There’s another point about glute activation that relates to…

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