Master the Pistol Squat | 3 Techniques to Decrease FAI Pain

I’m covering 2 new topics on this week:

1. Hip Impingement – what are the signs of femoral acetabular impingement and 3 techniques to help you manage the pain.

2. Pistol Squats – 3 key benefits to adding them to your workout routine and 3 new pistol squat progressions to improve your technique by helping you gain more balance and control.

Here they are below:

New PMc Article #1:
3 Techniques to Decrease Femoral Acetabular Impingement Pain

hip impingement butterfly reaches

Ever feel a very localized, pinching-type pain in the front of your hip in a deep squat, especially with a wider stance? Then FAI may be the culprit and although doctors will tell you you’re screwed, I’m living proof you’re not and the 3 techniques in this post will help. 


New PMc Article #2:
3 Part Pistol Squat Progression for Mobility, Balance & Strength

For most people, the top half of the pistol squat is no problem. But if you want to see some improvements in the bottom range of the squat, you need a solid pistol squat progression that can re-program the 3 key elements of the pistol squat: mobility, balance and strength.


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