The Box [CAGE Cardio A+L Workout]

Today, I’ve got “The Box”, which is an A+L workout so you’ll be huffing, puffing and burning your fat down.

It’s an advanced workout with difficult exercises so perform at your own risk.

If you want to know how many reps, rounds and how long to rest between rounds, download the progression PDF below (you’ll also get access to downloadable vids so you can save this workout to your mobile device and avoid data fees):

Would love to hear your feedbacknd would also really appreciate a Like!

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Trainer Dave at iFFC
Trainer Dave at iFFC
5 years ago

Your form is terrible.

Eric Wong
5 years ago

Yeah it was lacking in this workout…

Headbanger Pullups were good, Box was sliding for the jumps, which messed me up, Shins to Bar were OK, lost the core during the Pushups.

Thanks for the feedback.