Low Back Stretching | 1 Strength Session/Week | Fitness Trackers | [ASK ERIC]

In today’s QnA video, I answer the following questions:

What are some good ways to stretch your lower back?

– Jesse Davila, San Antonio USA 

If you have only time to do one strength training session a week (besides all the MMA skill and conditioning work), which exercises would you include when the focus is building general strength?

– Alex Poppeck, Dachau Germany  [03:02]

Hey Eric, With the slew of fitness trackers out there, push, omsignal, fitbit, etc… Have you tried any ? With yourself or clients ? Would you recomend any ?

– Sergio Pichardo, Calgary Canada  [06:12]

Have you trained any one with a heart condition? I love the martial arts. I am a blue belt in Karate and was just told i will not advance to purple or brown or even get a shodan. Is there any option or is my martial arts training done? Thanks for your time.

–  Joe Wurzee, Ketchikan USA [09:00]

If you’ve got a question about training for MMA or martial arts, nutrition, injuries or anything else that you’d like me to answer in a future QnA video, submit it here.

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Joe Thompson
Joe Thompson

Hi Eric,
Regarding low back “damage control,” is there any reason NOT to do that short routine each day as a preventative measure? Or simply as part of my warmup along with HFS? I’ve had great results since I “discovered” your programs.
Joe Thompson


Thanks for the info Eric. Working a lot of hours. Think I strained my back lifting heavy shit up high on man lifts and may have turned incorrectly trying to keep from dropping it. Noticed a series of things happening From not sleeping enough. Less workouts, less energy, mentally unfocused, poor attitude, equaling more chance of injury. Just recently bought HFS so will be starting it up today. Luckily O/T is temporary And should be over soon. Thanks again, and you were right…I should’ve been able to figure that out on my own.


Is there a reason you recommend Barbell reverse lunge instead of Dumbell reverse lunge?


can you change the A+A cage cardio circuit up every workout and get the same results or do you have to stick to one specific A+A circuit for a few weeks and work through the progression to get the full effect?


Excellent Q&A vid. Information is provided in a very simple and understanding manner. All the people of interest should follow as you have instructed. I do the same with my new students conditioning with incremental progression adding a new drill every two weeks keeping the body growing and diverse in it’s development. Ous

Joe Thompson
Joe Thompson

I was absolutely so pleasantly surprised when, after beginning HFS, I found my low back pain virtually disappeared. Amazing, unexpected result!. And of course my kicks are higher and more fluid. Win, win, win! Thanks, E! Joe