Eggs for High T | Piriformis Release | Glutes [ASK ERIC]

In today’s QnA video, I answer the following questions:

I hate eggs but am trying your recommended T booster diet – is there a substitute?

– Garry Mcdonell, Canada  [mm:ss]

I do have a piriformis muscle issue. I was told the exercises you do for that depends on whether the muscle is shortened or lengthened.

Do you have any help?

– Joanne Attwood, Canada  [mm:ss]

I went 3 weeks not missing a day but week 4 fell on the holidays and so I’ve slacked off a bit.

But up to this point I have seen tremendous improvement in my hips.

Since I’ve missed a week do you recommend starting from week 1 again or just pick up where I left off?

– Aaron Cropper, US [mm:ss]

What exercises have you found to best strengthen and add flexibility to the gluteal muscles?

I am a physician and I appreciate your explanation based on muscle physiology.

– Ronald Wong, US [mm:ss]

When I sit, I feel real tight in the hip flexor / aDductor area.

I can stand to take the pressure off, but I was curious if you have input on how to stretch/strengthen this specific area as it gets tight almost immediately when I sit.

If there is an area of your HFS program I should focus on to help with this, please point me in the right direction.

– Fletcher Wilson [mm:ss]

If you’ve got a question about training for MMA or martial arts, nutrition, injuries or anything else that you’d like me to answer in a future QnA video, submit it here.

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Aaron Cropper
Aaron Cropper
5 years ago

Thanks Eric for answering my question! I recommend the HFS to all my training buddies because I’ve seen firsthand the results. Cheers

5 years ago

I hope this exercise with massage ball is as effective as painful 🙂

Rick D.
Rick D.
5 years ago

Dear Eric,
I’ve been in martial arts for over 38-years. As you can imagine, my body has endured much wear and tear. I ordered your Hip Flexor sessions/Videos and they are amazing! Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your expertise! I “know” that it has helped me tremendously in just the first month! Thanks so much! Rick DiGiallonardo