The SPLIT Snatch (Olympic lifting exercise variation)

This is a variation of the traditional Snatch exercise that I learned when I took a 2 day workshop on the Olympic lifts.

It’s a great variation in general and also for those unable to due the traditional Squat Snatch because of mobility issues.

Check it out:

With this variation, the Snatch is now available to everyone.

That sounded funny.

If you don’t have the mobility to do the Squat Snatch, the key areas to hit are the hips and the shoulders, so get working on them so you can unlock this other great exercise and in the meantime, work the Split Snatch to develop your full body speed.

And of course, if you’re not doing the Olympic lifts yet because you don’t know how, then check out my Olympic Lifting Mastery Course HERE.

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5 years ago

Hi Eric,

I used the split snatch as an explosive exercise for rowing training many years ago. But rather than both feet leaving the ground, we used to simply move one foot back to the lunge position. Ideally we would aim to alternate the foot moving back, but most found one foot movement more comfortable. As I’m just about to start lifting weights again this is definitely one lift I will be using but would be interested to hear if you think moving both feet is a better technique.
Thanks and great training tips as always
Ian Birch