ISO Squeeze Exercise for Lactic Acid Tolerance

To followup last post where I shared the Towel Bicep Curl exercise, I’ve got another great exercise to use to add elbow-popping submission power AND the stamina to last that I invented called the Good Morning Curl.

But before we get to that, last post I posed the question, “Why do you think I named my new program Python Power?”

The most powerful submission artist on the planet...

The most powerful submission artist on the planet...

Most of the answers described the obvious link of how the python powerfully constricts and suffocates it’s victims to death…

Many of you also told me how once a Python gets its grips on its prey, the prey will never escape

Another good one that I didn’t hear was that Pythons offten surprise their prey and catch them with a lightning-fast strike, which is another component you’ll build with this program…

All three of these points are true and what you will experience after putting the Python Power Program to work for you.

But the original idea of the name came to me because the commentators from the very first few UFC events referred to the man – the original submission master, Royce Gracie – as a python.


The original PYTHON... no, not the guy with one boxing glove on.

Thanks to everyone who left Comments, but the winner of my unannounced little contest was MattM – congrats dude, I’ll be in touch with your D/L link for the Python Power program when it goes live on May 30…

Now, onto more kick-ass content to take your SUBMISSION game to the next level…

First, check out the GOOD MORNING CURLS exercise, then read the details below:

[jwplayer config=”560×340 (posts)” mediaid=”3057″]

The stamina component in particular is trained through the use of the ISO Dynamic Challenge method, where you’re maintaining an isometric muscle contraction, in this case of the biceps, while you’re moving your body so that the demand on the biceps is changing.

The ISO Dynamic Challenge method allows you to train your ISO endurance, which is critical to being able to fight for a submission, or even fight off a submission, in the presence of movement.

This is 1 of 3 different methods you’ll use in the Python Power program (launching May 30, yeaaaaaa), the other 2 are the Static-Dynamic method, where you perform ISO holds multiple times in a set between 2-4 reps, and the straight up classic ISO hold, where you simply hold one contraction for a set period of time.

Using all 3 of these methods will train your muscles to¬†deal with the Lactic Acid that’s produced like crazy whenever you’re forced to statically contract your muscles.

Again, this is a critical component of being able to outlast your opponent when fighting for a choke or armbar…

But ISO training is only 1 of multiple things you’ve got to train to become a Python in the cage and on the mats.

Some additional components that are included in the Python Power program include:

  • Upper body pull strength and power for quickly locking up subs and being able to out-muscle your opponent if your technique isn’t enough to finish him off
  • Hip squeezing strength and stamina for holding tight positions and locking up match-ending triangles
  • Upper body push strength and power to control opponents and setup submissions
  • ‘Slithering’ ability – the mobility and co-ordination needed to get in the right position to catch a sub

Not to mention effective program design that puts it all together in an easy-to-follow format that you can plug and play and put to work for you right away…

Like I mentioned, the Python Power program launches on May 30… I can’t wait to get it in your hands and start hearing about you catching more subs and adding a new weapon to your arsenal.

I’ve also got a KICK-ASS bonus that I just finished filming for you, but it’s only for those who act fast, so keep your eyes open for details coming very shortly.

If you have any questions about the program or the Good Morning Curls exercise here, let me know below.

– Eric

———– ** IMPORTANT UPDATE ** ————

The Python Power program is now LIVE! Check it out



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9 years ago

Has anyone tried chins but hanging from towels (towels hang from chin bar)? It’s a very demanding exercise for your grip, and will build everything you’ve got between shoulders and hand nails.

Lee Hayward
9 years ago

Cool exercise, thanks for sharing. I’ll have to give that one a go in my next arm workout.

9 years ago

Liked the move, not only for the reasons stated but also good time saving multi joint exercise that helps ramp-up a work-out to keep things interesting.