Sprint Training Technique Tips for MAX Speed & Power

With the weather this gorgeous, I have to do more videos outside like this one on sprint training technique…

I mean, I’m the boss, I might as well enjoy the weather, don’t ya think? 🙂

So anyway, check out this video and then the description below where I summarize the key technique tips to effective sprint training. If you like it, do me a favour and email it to your athletic friends, trainers, or anyone who enjoys improving their physical fitness.


There are 4 keys to effective and powerful sprint training technique. Let’s start at the top and work our way down.

sprint training

Sprint Training Technique Point #1 – Posture

  • Forward lean during acceleration
  • Stay tall in good posture, chin tucked at max speed
  • DON’T: slouch, lean back

Sprint Training Technique Point #2 – Arms/Shoulders

  • Hands relaxed
  • Movement at the shoulders
  • Elbow can extend/flex slightly
  • DON’T: hunch shoulders, clench fists, straighten elbows, run like a fairy

Sprint Training Technique Point #3 – Leg swing (recovery leg)

  • Butt to heel when pulling leg through, and…
  • Pull the knee up with the hip flexors
  • DON’T: pull the leg straight through

Sprint Training Technique Point #4 – Foot strike

  • Whole foot can land or land more on the forefoot
  • Eliminate/minimize braking action – foot lands as it is already traveling backwards (negative foot speed)
  • DON’T: land too far ahead, heel strike

Those are the 4 keys to effective and powerful sprint training technique. Implement them into your workouts and you’ll develop a more powerful and integrated body that’s able to better transmit forces from the ground up through your core.

Leave any questions and/or comments you have about sprint training below.

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Jimmy height
Jimmy height
5 years ago

Its all good in my hood tonite

Jimmy height
Jimmy height
5 years ago
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5 years ago


Jimmy height
Jimmy height
5 years ago
Reply to  yASH

No problem geezer!

Paulo Nogueira
Paulo Nogueira
6 years ago


6 years ago

Old man sprinting here, 46 yo. You are spot on as far as the technique. A couple of other things. When you are starting out, or old, or both, it is not necessary to head out to the park and run as fast as you can 10 times in a row (or even one, depending). 5 half speed sprints for someone just checking it out, even if you’ve been a gym rat, is better than pushing yourself too hard. You want to be able to sprint sets more than one time on one occasion because your knees are ransacked. The whole foot plant and knee bend is modeled after running like a deer. If you can run on your toes and bound off the turf like a deer does, then you are golden. You will notice that a deer runs with minimal effort until necessary, which is why half speed… Read more »

6 years ago
Reply to  chewybees

Great feedback chewybees, thanks for sharing.

His Royal Phatness
His Royal Phatness
7 years ago

Looking for tips to pass on to some cross training football players looking to become stronger faster football players. Thanks for the post.