The WINNERS + Special Offer

So after going through all of the Comments, I’ve decided to award the free copy of the Dessert Angel books to the following 3 people…

Drum roll please…



  1. Pro MMA fighter and Roller Derby coach Shayna because I think the idea of Dessert Angel recipes being served at Roller Derby after parties is cool – [I’d love to see a pic of a Roller Derby team eating some Dessert Angel treats! Please email me one in the future…]
  2. Mike the Boxer because I’m a sucker for fighters who have trouble making weight, especially Mike, since he’s on some medication that makes it hard for him to do so… Hopefully this helps!
  3. Maya because she’s shown that she takes ACTION by using my Damage Control Routine and I want to help her avoid the depression and guilt that falling off your diet causes

Special shout out goes to Greg and his (white-boy) rap. Made me laugh!

I’ll be contacting all winners via email to send you your books.

And if you didn’t win, don’t fret, because I’ve got another opportunity for you to get the Dessert Angel books for FREE:

My friend Dave Ruel is having a sale ($40 off!) on the New Edition of his book Anabolic Cooking, which is a solid cookbook filled with recipes great for athletes (high protein, moderate carb, good fats).

Best of all – the recipes actually taste great.

So, you can not only get this book for a cool $40 off, but after you buy, I’ll give you the Dessert Angel books for FREE ($39.95 value).

Let’s do the math (sorry, Chinese genes kicking in, I CAN’T STOP!)…

Anabolic Cooking is on sale right now for $37.

The regular price for the Dessert Angel books is $39.95. 

Divide it by 2 and you’re getting Anabolic Cooking for $18.50 ($58.50 off the regular price of $77) and the Dessert Angel books for $18.50 ($21.45 off).

So your total savings is $58.50 + $21.45 = $79.95!

Pretty good deal, but Dave’s sale expires in:

[sct align=”center” size=”3″ date=”01/30/2012 00:59″]

Don’t miss out on this chance to save 80 bucks, click here to grab Anabolic Cooking now!


P.S. After you grab the program, visit this link to and enter your Receipt # to claim your FREE bonus:

==> Eric’s Bonus Page

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Shayna Baszler
8 years ago

I will send a pic of the team grubbing on Dessert Angel foods at then next after party!