Try this exercise to improve your BALANCE

The video I’m sharing with you today includes a couple of variations of the Lateral Lunge exercise, which you likely know.

These variations will both improve your balance with the second variation a simple technique that you can use with any exercise to improve balance, proprioception and kinesthetic awareness.

Those last 2 words may be foreign so here’s what they mean:

Proprioception: how your brain knows the position your body is in

Kinesthetic Awareness: how your brain knows where your body is in space

Please let me know what you think after you give it a whirl.

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5 years ago

Great exercise, thank you I am not a fighter but I am 66 and still surfing and i feel that any exercise they helps me maintain balance is a plus for me especially at this tie of my life. Loss of balance recovery while surfing is key for a more enjoyable day in the ocean. God bless and thanks again. Any other balance related exercises that you could pass on would be appreciated.

5 years ago

Great stuff Eric can’t wait to try it, we do a training method in boxing were you face your partner your partner spins x 10 as soon as he completed 10 spins you start light boxing his sense’s and balance is off for 10 to 15 to seconds this gives you the feeling of taking a big hit and you need to defend and move, the exercise you have show looks fantastic and I think would have a similar effect on your balance 🙂