Exercise to Fix Posture and Open Your Hips

It’s summer here in Toronto so I’ve been riding most everywhere.

I love riding in the city.

However, if we ever come across each other and you’re driving, I apologize, because I ride a bit like a maniac – dodging cars, running lights, squeezing through tight spaces, etc…

Nothing dangerous as I’m in full control and completely aware of what’s going on in front, beside and behind me, but if you’re not used to riders like me, you might be shocked.

For some reason I feel compelled to get to my destination as fast as possible.

Helps with the cardio.

Anyway, the exercise I’m sharing with you today I call the Skydiver and it’s great for people who ride to counteract the physical demands of rounded shoulders and flexed hips, as well for general posture, people who sit a lot, balancing the fight stance, etc.


The one and only time I’ve been skydiving was for my friend’s bachelor party – it was pretty damn scary and cool at the same time.

The best part about it for me was pulling the chute right when we got into the clouds as everything went quiet, all I could see was white and for an instant I felt like I was floating in heaven.

The reason why I call this exercise the Skydiver is because this is the position you need to hold when free-falling so you don’t get twisted and can safely open your chute.

NOTE: I call you “Kyoudai” at the start of this video because that’s what I call my Inner Circle members, which loosely translated means “brother” or “sister”. This video was originally for my Inner Circle members only but I thought I’d share it with you too.


Do this daily and work up to 4 x 30 second holds for a total of 2 minutes, starting from 6 x 10 sec holds for a total of 1 minute.

And if you don’t mind, please share the love, I’d really appreciate it!


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Anna Dotsnko
Anna Dotsnko
2 years ago

Hi Eric, just want to say THANK YOU for this informative stuff. I checked the video and tried to do exercises as you described. How long should I do them to see the first results? Do you agree with the importance of releasing muscles mentioned here https://myergonomicchair.com/core-exercises-for-posture/?

6 years ago

Just as in skydiving, remember to keep your elbows even with your shoulders, hands forward of your ears. Lift your upper body between your shoulder blades.

6 years ago

Great move to keep posture upright.