Sitting is the New Smoking

After a few hours in a row of sitting, do you feel really stiff and does it take a while for you to get moving and not feel like an old grandpa again?

Unfortunately, if you’re like me and you sit too much (damn computers), I bet you feel it in the one place we need mobility the – your HIPS.

When you sit, you do 2 absolutely horrible things for your mobility:
1) Shorten and tighten your hip flexors
2) Shut off and weaken your glutes

While these are 2 of the worst issues that arise from excessive sitting, there are many more, which has resulted in our medical authorities to claim that…

“Sitting is the new smoking!”

Now, let’s not even talk about all of the athletic feats we could perform with loose, oily hips…

… since being tight from sitting too much WILL lead to things like low back pain, poor posture and the resulting shoulder and neck issues, so you’ll never get the chance to perform at your potential.

I’ve recently started doing a simple lunge combo every 30 minutes (I set a timer to remind me) that takes me 2 minutes to do that’s totally prevented that initial stiffness you get after sitting for too long.

You can do it at the office or wherever you find yourself sitting to help prevent that initial stiffness. I’ll shoot that video for you and send it to you in a day or 2.

Until then, if you sit a lot, you should check out this presentation on all the negative effects of sitting AND a comprehensive approach to battling them.

Just like smoking, your body WILL breakdown from too much sitting.
It’s just a matter of time.

But because it happens gradually over years, you may not catch it until it’s too late.

Stay loose my friend.

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6 years ago

If I sit too much the day after a hard workout (especially if it involves my legs) l get really sore.