Common Groin Stretching Mistake (and solution)

This is a common groin/adductor stretching mistake that is potentially damaging to your medial ligaments and meniscus of the knees.

When you add the little tweak that I show you to this exercise, it not only takes the stress off these tissues but also activates glute and hip external rotator muscles.

Kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

Give it a shot and use this tip whenever you perform this stretch.

You can even add some contract/relax and scouring to the stretch to make it more effective, for more on these advanced techniques, grab the Hip Flexibility Solution program at

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What exercises can be done to help heal pulled/strained adductor? Does running, elliptical and/or cycling, lunges, squats,etc make it worse? It seems that the cycle aggravates it more. I have very little range of motion in one hip due to this, and not sure how to get back to my regular workouts without prolonging the injury-love your tips! Thanks


Depends – how long has it been strained for and how did you strain it?


Unsure of exactly how long ago or how I injured it- been uncomfortable for at least 2 mos, but I really don’t want to stop working out. While working out,if I feel any twinge, I will discontinue that exercise. I am late 50s, and my workouts generally include weights and cardio. (For the past 35 yrs+) Thanks so much for your response. I just started yoga to see if that may help.


The tissue needs to heal. You’re not letting it.

I see this all the time – athletes or clients who get set in a routine and then become stubborn and afraid of what might happen if the routine changes.

Give it a week of nothing but walking and good food and sleep and even avoid upper body and core and cardio and anything that might be considered training – they all take energy that could be better used by your body to heal your broken areas.

Don’t worry, a week off and you won’t become fat and out of shape.

But if you do, that signals a problem with your regimen in the first place and better to know now than not to know.