nutrition-itsu Part 5: Individualization

Don’t need too much preamble as the title of this post tells you exactly what we’re about to talk about.

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Robot Fight Fitness
6 years ago

Great video, I love how you not only provide training help, but also help with what to and what not to eat. As we know, eating right is a big part of the battle to get, and stay in great shape.

Omega Peevy
Omega Peevy
7 years ago

Outstanding video… Really helped me allot! Thank you very much for this!

Sufian Ahmed
Sufian Ahmed
7 years ago

You say that you don’t eat soy because of isoflavon which is a type of phytoestrogen. Isn’t phytoestrogens good for us? I have heard that they have 0,001% effect of real estrogen and that when they connect to the estrogen receptors in our bodies, its takes away the place of the natural estrogen. And then you have less estrogen in your body because phytoestrogens are 0,001% of real estrogen.
Many sides on the internet like this one:
Tells people to eat flaxseeds because of the phytoestrogens in them to reduce estrogen in your body.
whats your take on this?

7 years ago
Reply to  Sufian Ahmed

There’s conflicting info but for the most part I’d avoid soy.

As you can see, the benefits aren’t clear cut.

But other chemicals, such as BPA, are known to be carcinogenic and it’s basically a synthetic phytoestrogen as opposed to a natural one in soy.

And definitely if you do eat soy, avoid GMO and eat organic only. GMO is poison.