New Exercise to Unlock Your Hips

DISSOCIATION is not just what happens when you follow Joe Rogan’s advice and take Peyote, it’s a powerful concept that most guys need to train for better movement.

Often because of repetitive movements from sports we play or exercises we do, certain muscles/movements can get hard-wired together so that whenever one muscle fires or one movement happens, the associated muscle/movement happens.

A truly intelligent body is one where the correct muscles fire and the rest of your muscles relax to allow your body to move the way it should.

EXAMPLE: with the hip flexion movement, because of an excess of situps/crunches performed incorrectly, hip flexion always comes along with lumbar flexion.

These movements are hard-wired so that every time you flex your hips, your lumbar spine flexes too.

This is TERRIBLE for your low back and is a dysfunctional movement pattern.

We’ve got to teach our bodies to flex our hips while keeping our lumbar spine in neutral.

And one way we can do that is by doing the Hanging 1-Leg Raise:

This is a key concept integrated into the Hip Flexibility Solution program and one reason why it works so well (and so quickly)…

I recently emailed my customers asking for a bit of feedback and was overwhelmed when received 18 emails back sharing some amazing results. Here’s a sample of 2 of my favourites:


First, I'd like to thank you for the program and for the constant updates and support!! It's nice to have someone who genuinely cares about his clients and their goals. I have been following a 5x5 program since February 2013 in an effort to get stronger as I considered myself to be "weak"! The goal I set almost a year ago was to squat 225 Lbs 5 sets at 5 reps in good form!! For the first few months I made great gains, however 185 Lbs seemed to be my plateau. I would either suffer an injury or drop weight and work back up!

I never attributed my struggle to my lack of flexibility, I'd do a quick warm up and a little "stretching" (ie Trying to touch my toes) hahaha if I could see myself now. After performing the routines the parking break was released and I busted through that 185 barrier!!

Today is a special day because today I am throwing 4 plates on the bar and I will achieve my goal!! Just because I will accomplish this elusive goal I'm not gonna stop, 225 is a stepping stone to future progress and I owe you a ton of gratitude for the help!! Your advice has not only helped me in the weight room but has also encouraged me in life to go out and achieve those goals I previously thought unattainable!! Thanks again and I'll let you know how today's workout goes!

Stay Loose,

PERFORMANCE is a key reason why I created this program – no point in unlocking your hips to sit around all day, which is why I love feedback like Ryan’s, as well as this one:

"Hi Eric

The HFS is going well,I've been doing it for about 7 weeks now and it has helped my flexibility with Muay Thai training, in fact last Friday night a few people were shocked at how low I was able to stretch when doing the splits compared to how I used to be.

It's an awesome program and you should be very proud of yourself for creating it.

Kind Regards,
Lee Pentith" 


Thanks Ryan and Lee and everyone else who has shared their feedback with me.

You may already know the back story about me creating the HFS program, but to make a long story short, I couldn’t kick worth shit and I really wanted to and none of the conventional advice I followed worked, so I had to dig deep and experiment and finally came up with something that did work.

HFS is a by-product of my personal quest to be able to throw a decent head kick.

So if you’d like to reap the rewards of looser hips, get started on the Hip Flexibility Solution today.


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8 years ago


I’m somewhat experienced in the gym but I had no idea about this. I’ll try it out today, maybe do the regular leg raises, just to feel if I’m not using the hips.