New Kettlebell Workout – The FIRESTARTER

Killer workout to do that is easy to setup and hammer out.

It integrates dynamic movements followed immediately by isometrics for the same muscle groups, totally engaging the lactic energy system for a mean burn.

Make sure you download the progression PDF to ensure your body adapts workout to workout to maximize the results you get from this workout.

And check out this strength training program that perfectly complements the energy systems and exercises used in this workout.

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Tomas Nekola
Tomas Nekola
4 years ago

Hi Eric, what´s the weight of kettlebell you are using? I have a 10 kg KB and I am thinking to purchase heavier one.

5 years ago

hi Eric, i just tried 2 get the download video+progression…got 404 error? i put in 404? is this is out there somewhere? Thanx 4 all U do 4 us!