Post OLM Training | Techniques for Hip Impingement [ASK ERIC]

Here are the questions I answer in today’s QnA video:

Hey Coach. Compliment: I really like OLMC.

You did a really good job putting it together. It is a phenomenal resource.

Questions: after finishing OLMC what am I supposed to do?

How do I implement the Oly-lifts into my workout/training (MMA) schedule?

How many reps?


Length of rest break?

How do I progress (weight, reps, shorter rest breaks)?

If there are any other questions about integrating the Oly-lifts into my workouts consider them asked.

Comments: I was doing HFS before I started doing OLMC.

I had to stop doing HFS when I started because of time constraints.

I noticed however that my hip flexibility didn’t decrease at all.

With OLMC, as well as doing the KO Kicks routine before class, my hips feel as loose/looser than ever (even more than when I was learning and maintaining my splits using Kurz’s Flexibility Express DVD and his Stretching Scientifically book).

Thank you very much and anxiously awaiting your response, Sam Goldner

Sam Goldner, Milwaukee, WI USA


I recently started noticing that the outer part of my femur, hip bone was hurting during lateral movements such as splits, high round kicks, etc.

It is not possible for me to do any sort of lateral movement without (bone)pain ..and it definitely isn’t about flexibility.

It feels as though there is a block with sharp pain if I try to go even a little above a mid kick.

I’ve always been a very flexible person but I absolutely can’t get my kicks high anymore because it hurts so much.

I did some research and came across something called “acetabular impingement.”

Kevin, Vancouver, BC

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