My 3 Favourite Snacks

Eating every 3 hours or so is a great way to maximize your energy levels and achieve fat loss (or avoid storing more fat). But what do you eat in between the major meals or at night?

Here are my 3 favourite snacks to grab when I’m a little hungry but it’s not time for a  full on meal:

1) Cottage cheese + natural peanut butter + a little jam

This one is great because you only need a little bit of jam and it tastes amazing, you might not think the combo is good but I dare you to try it. I like this one at night because it’s really low in carbs before bed.

2) Organic yogurt + homemade granola + blueberries

I like to make big batches of granola every few weeks or so and it’s super handy to have because you can throw it in yogurt like this snack or just take it on the go. For those of you who have my Nutrition-itsu manual, the recipe’s in there.

3) Handful of almonds and an Apple

Can’t beat this one because it’s a tasty snack that takes absolutely no time to prepare.

Now even though these are my favourites and I’ll probably be eating them until I die, I like trying new things, so tell me some good ones by leaving a comment.

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12 years ago

Hey Eric,

I also LOVE #1, but i prefer to use almond butter and a couple dashes of cinnamon…try it!

12 years ago

Almonds/peanuts in yogurt…

12 years ago