UFC 94: BJ vs. GSP – My Prediction

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this fight. It’s been a long-time coming, and the hype that’s been building has gotten me fired up – good job Dana!

I like both fighters. GSP is a fellow Canadian, so that gets him some points, and I like his growth and admire his explosiveness.

But BJ is a character and his talent is extraordinary. So whoever wins, I’m happy.

Here’s my prediction:

BJ will take it in the 3rd round by a ref stoppage due to strikes. GSP will take some licks in the first round on the feet becaues BJ’s hands are so fast, and he’ll take it to the ground from then on.

I don’t think BJ can submit GSP because of his strength and explosiveness, but I do think that BJ will be able to get some good positions on the ground and that’s why he’ll end it with strikes.

That’s my BOLD prediction – what’s yours? Leave a comment.

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Not a prediction, fallout the aftermath….

Vaseline hmmm… now a fighting should be fair, that’s for sure, rules are there for a reason. I remember watching the fight, and seeing the cornerman pressing on his chest, and then putting his hands on his between round 2 adn 3, thought it strange although wasn’t aware of what was going on at the time.

All said and done, GSP dominated the fight, he had a winning strategy coming into the fight, was in better condition and I beleive is a more well rounded fighter.

If BJ feels that he was not given a fair fight, I say put them back in the cage, I would put $1,000,000 on GSP any day of the week against Penn.


WoW, I was worried again and for nothing, GSP prove to me once again that he is and will be the best pound for pound fighther at 170 for a long long time. The vaseline controversy is unfortunate but BJ and his team will have to suck it up, GSP beat the heck out of him because he had a great match plan that he followed to the end. BJ is a great fighter but he should remain at 155 lb.


I picked GSP from the get go… and he dominated BJ! he’s way too strong for him, BJ needs to go back to 155!


GSP wins on conditioning alone, BJ cant keep up the pace.


I think GSP wins in the second round by stoppage simply because he’s stronger , faster and more explosive. George’s conditioning is remarkable and i think it will allow him to set a pace BJ can’t match. BJ’s hands are better than GSP’s so there’s always a chance that BJ can catch him and get the upset but I’m betting George avoids the mistakes and wins because of his superior conditioning.