MMA Cardio | Training with Rotator Cuff Problems [ASK ERIC]

In today’s QnA video, I answer the following questions:

Do you have some recommendations for differentiated/supplemental cardio?

I’m training mma twice a week along with the workouts but my cardio isn’t where I want it. [00:48]

Kyle Spencer, La Junta, Colorado, US


I have rotator cuff tendonitis. I had stopped all upper body strength training.

Am starting back again with some easy kb clean and presses, push ups, pull ups and rows.

Wondering whether I should start you rotator cuff routine instead or wait until my shoulder is less sore? [05:31]

Many thanks.

Adam Cotterill, GB

If you’ve got a question about training for MMA or martial arts, nutrition, injuries or anything else that you’d like me to answer in a future QnA video, submit it here.

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5 years ago

Yes, glad you are back! Thanks for the great info as always.