Lose Fat While Injured?

Shot this video after coming home from a park workout that involved:

  1. 35 Muscleups (not in a row)
  2. 30 Chinups
  3. 60 Pushups

That’s why my arms look so swole lol.

Anyway, in the video I talk about how to lose fat while injured, or healthy based on a question from my buddy Don Wilkerson, who is (or was) recovering from shoulder surgery.

And how to build muscle.

And what to focus on for optimal health.

Enough talk, check out the video:

I just wanted to share some higher level concepts vs. blanket statements to help you learn to fish.

Hope it helped.

BTW, Donnie boy, and anyone else with a bum shoulder or two, make sure you get this if you don’t already have it: Indestructible Shoulder Program (it’s free).

Actually, make sure you read this first, then get the program.

Have a good one.


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7 years ago

We stumbled over here different page and thought I should check things out.
I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to finding out about your web page again.

7 years ago

Hey Eric,

The 80/20 rule you’ve described in your video seems at odds to your MMARipped program which showed to me at least that smart exercise programming and nutrition were pretty much equally important.

Perhaps for our friend Don, exercise programming that emphasized lower body efforts would be wise. Especially since these are our largest muscle groups, they have a great potential to stimulate caloric metabolism?

Also if one shoulder is bad, Don could still do opposite side only, isolation exercises. I believe there is research to support that there is still a carryover effect when exercising one side exclusively.

7 years ago
Reply to  Keith

Dr. Keith – thanks for the comment. Let me put my thinking in another way: 2 guys who are twins. Each are 25% body fat. Guy #1: eats perfectly in terms of fat loss – whole, natural foods. Proper amounts. No exercise. Guy #2: eats the typical SAD diet filled with refined carbs (yes, whole wheat is refined), dairy and also has junk food and take out regularly. And eats too much in a day, not all the time, but at least a couple times a week. But he exercises consistently 5 times per week. Who will lose more fat over an 8 week period? Definitely guy #1. Of course, we’re never faced with the either/or choice, which is why MMA Ripped works so well. As for your advice, for sure, good advice, Don should do lower body stuff, probably stick with bodyweight and cardio. And the carryover effect is… Read more »