Warming Up for Weights

I recently got a question from my man Jose about warming up:

“Hi eric , would you consider working on a heavy bag before hiting the weights a good warm up? And what kind of training the heavy bag is? Power endurance? I like to warm up with the heavy bag so i can train my thai and keep workouts short because i dont have to do that after my work out i just start light and use knees instead kicks so i dont pull everithing while my body its not warm and ready then i just go full when i feel im warm its that ok ? Thanks alot take care.”

So I’ve decided to bring the old “ASK EricWongMMA” videos back:


I also figured I’d post this, which I first posted on my Facebook page, as it’s relevant to the video:

how to warmup for max strength

Got any other questions or Comments?

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9 years ago

Very nice Eric Thanks I`ve been looking forward for this for quite some time 🙂

9 years ago

keep the “ask ” videos