[Jon Jones] Where Does He Stand?

Jon Jones – Where Does He
Stand Among Champions?

Article by Eric Wong

No fighter since Anderson Silva first KO’d Chris
Leben has got me so eagerly anticipating his
next fight as I am with Jon Jones.

Anderson Silva KO of Chris Leben UFC

It doesn’t matter who he faces next, I want to see Jon Jones fight just to see what he’s gonna do.

Not only is it fun to watch him pull crazy shit out of his bag of tricks, but Jon Jones has one weapon developed far beyond his years.

Only one question remains…

How much fight is there in this big dawg?

Here’s what we know…

Jon Jones has literally steamrolled through opponents.

He’s ended his last 6 opponents in the UFC, winning his first 2 UFC contests via UD.

In my mind, he’s Top 3 when it comes to creativity and skillset diversity inside the octagon (Who are your top 3? My others are A. Silva and Jose Aldo, with eager anticipation of Anthony Pettis’ next bout).

No opponent has come close to hurting Jon Jones…

… let alone defeating him (Hamill doesn’t count).

But there’s just that one thing we haven’t seen…

On one hand, we’ve got champs whose chin, heart and composure have been tested.

Silva took a 4.5 round beating from Chael Sonnen
and stayed alive long enough to take advantage of
the opportunity and end Sonnen with a triangle…

Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen

The Octagon was spinning and the lights were
dimming for Frankie Edgar in his last fight against
Maynard, and he made a miraculous survival to
fight to a hotly contested draw…

Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard UFC

On the other hand, we’ve got champs who have succumb to defeat when their armor was penetrated…

Who can forget GSP getting caught by Matt Serra…

Or Brock Lesnar’s best Mary Lou Retton impression vs. Cain Velasquez…

Not to mention the revolving door to the light heavyweight throne prior to Jon Jones’ ascension.

Where, oh where does Jon Jones stand?

Do you think he’ll be more like Silva and Edgar when the inevitable time comes where he gets truly tested, or will he crumble and lose some of the shine that his model career has shown thus far?

Does Jon Jones Have a Big Fight Inside Him?

Do you think Jon Jones has big fight inside ready to come out when he’s really tested?

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8 years ago

I think jones is very aware of martial arts and is thinking out of the box you watch him pulling elbows the way is done in thailand like grabbing the hand and shooting elbows for example And all that is giving him an advantage just like anderson but something i have seen often with long tall guys they could get knocked out by a smaller but more muscular oponent once they are able to get in the pocket very close range is where they are able to make them lose balance and bang the big test on the chin man So i guess someone with heavy hands used to be in the pocket and with some wrestling skills could knock him out imao he needs someone putting pressure at him just like machida did and was doing great until the choke lol I guess someone like dan henderson could get… Read more »

9 years ago

It will certainly be interesting. One thing Jon Jones is on top of being a great and exciting fighter is a well mannered and well spoken individual.

If he does show the fighters heart that you speak about then he could be the best champion ever. He could rank alongside Randy Couture with being such a top bloke aswell as a possible multi-weight champion.

Can’t wait to find out.

9 years ago

Hey Eric, same here – I’ve been going back watching all his past fights. I want to see him get put on his back for once and see how he fights from a less dominant position…see if he can take some of what he dishes out.

9 years ago
Reply to  ph

Yeah it will definitely be interesting to see first of all IF someone can put him on his back and what he’ll do when he gets there.

My feeling is that his length will pose a lot of problems for people and he’ll be able to push them off easily. And that is IF someone can get him on his back.