Jon Jones’ Most POWERFUL Weapon

Jon Jones absolutely dominated the legend Mauricio Shogun Rua and no one is more deserving of holding the UFC Light Heavyweight belt than he.

Not only did he totally dominate Rua and pretty much everyone else he’s faced inside the Octagon, he does so with creativity.

For a quick recap of some of Bones’ career highlights, check this vid and make sure your jaw doesn’t fall off your face:

Jones’ rise in mixed martial arts has been nothing short of meteoric.

Here are a few reasons, in no particular order, why Jones has gotten SO good SO fast and is the youngest man to ever win a UFC belt…

His Body Shape and Size (anthropometrics for you biology nerds)

Jones is 6’4″ tall and has ridiculously long arms and legs and broad shoulders, making him a physical freak in the LHW division.

You can’t train these factors and Jones’ has been blessed with a great physical make-up no doubt.

Don’t think for a minute though that body shape and size are the key.

We’ve seen guys with similar body’s before, guys like Kendall Grove.

So physicality is useless without…

Endurance, Strength, Power, Co-ordination, Agility,
Quickness, Speed and Balance
(the 7 Biomotor Abilities)

I first learned of the biomotor abilities through Tudor Bompa’s book Periodization, then took the concept further through my study of Paul Chek’s material in his Advanced Program Design course.

Basically, you can rate a sport’s requirements of each of the abilities listed above and then develop your training program accordingly.

The thing is, with MMA, it pretty much requires relatively high levels of each biomotor ability, making the training program quite complex since it has to balance the development of each of these (sometimes competing) abilities.

For example, a marathon runner is one of the highest expressions of endurance, so an MMA fighter doesn’t need or want to be at that level, whereas powerlifting is the ultimate show of strength and likewise a fighter must be strong but doesn’t have to put up elite powerlifting totals.

Trying to be both an elite marathon runner and powerlifter is literally impossible.

So training and developing the abilities relative to the needs of MMA is key.

Jones has got an amazing blend of all of these biomotor abilities as shown in his fights.

Not only that, but it’s also…

His Ability To Rapidly Learn New Skills

I knew he was a wizard when I first heard that he learned skills from YouTube.

But it’s one thing to learn a new technique from videos, it’s another thing to use it in the Octagon.

As we’ve seen from his first couple of fights in the octagon to now, he’s been picking up and using new skills along the way.

When he first fought in the UFC, he showed off his flashy spinning elbows and kicks vs. Gusmao and some brutal takedowns/slams vs. Bonnar.

But now, he’s added new flashy moves, such as the Superman Lead Elbow and Leap Frog to Back vs. Bader.

More importantly, he’s added a whole lotta substance to his flash, such as the vicious elbows from top position vs. Vera and Hamill, his submissions vs. Bader, Matyushenko and O’Brien and now his complete arsenal of weapons were on display vs. Shogun.

Bottom line – the kid learns fast and he doesn’t stop learning.

But you’ve come here to learn about Jon’s most powerful weapon.

Ariel Helwani did an interview where I believe Jones himself reveals the key to his rapid rise.

The whole interview is worth watching, but the ‘secret’ is at 2:39. Check it out:

OK, now I have 2 questions for you:

  1. What do you think about this?
  2. What fight would you rather see, Jones vs. A. Silva or A. Silva vs. GSP?

Leave your answers in the Comments section. GO!

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Shane Z
Shane Z

Very Positive words from the young man. A lot of fighters are developing the mental game as well. Sports Psychology. Very interesting stuff. I was almost wondering if he was giving away too much of his secrets, hehe. Silva vs Jones, mmm, dont want to see Silva get hurt (i still like watching his fights). Jones is probably a natural heayweight, Im sure He’ll be a heavy weight as he gets older. Silva couldnt fight at heavyweight. Silva vs GSP would be great. I like what someone above said about respecting the martial arts and this sport. This new kid for example (and GSP) are great examples of respect for what they are doing, and understand what they are doing, and even talk about it (Teach, like a sensei would). Anderson has been off the radar in some of his last 4 fights, like he didnt understand his own behavior… Read more »


On visualization…

“Imagination gives you the picture. Vision gives you the impulse to make the picture your own.”
Robert Coller

I see Jones’ victories coming from the fact that hes got insane reach and he is strong (he doesn’t seem to get tired either) – its what allows him to connect with fists and elbows rendering most guard positions useless. You def’n don’t want to pull guard against Jones haha, see how he punished Vera? Hamil? Shogun? (just to name a few)

…haven’t seen Jones work from guard much – it will be interesting to see how his camp will prepare him for the day someone puts him on his back….

I’d like to see Silva vs. Jones…its def’n the better matchup.


Silva won’t drop gsp! Gsp will continuously take him down and ground and pound his ass into the mat. Jones would also beat Silva, too big, strong and good at wrestling.


Tim GSP will get what he has comming to him. Silva will drop his ass. He has been knocked out before. I don’t care about showboating he’s the fucking man & llb 4llb king. Jones will have to drop wieght to beat him. No one else is close


I’m a big follower of the Laws of Attraction. Even if you don’t believe in the mystical side of it, the first step towards accomplishing a goal is to set one in the first place! Start working toward it, and the momentum will carry you toward it. It’s really refreshing to see a fighter with such a positive attitude, and not just another trash talker. Way too much of that in the UFC and MMA in general. But that’s sports I guess. I’m a traditional martial artist and love the honor and respect of martial arts. On that note, I would like to see him de-throne Silva. Silva used to be one of my favorite fighters, until UFC 112 and his fight with Maia. I hate showboaters, and I felt like Silva crapped on his traditional martial arts background by disrespecting his opponent, his fans, and the UFC. While GSP… Read more »


Jones vs Silva all the way. I think this could be one of Silva’s best challenges. However, I think Silva may be a bit too slippery for Bones, not to mention that secret squirrel off balance looks like he barely hit you and put you on your ass shit!. It would be Fun To Watch!


Wow is all I can say about that fight. Jones vs Anderson would be amazing but, I believe only in a year or two.
No doubt that Bones is amazing but Anderson is beyond amazing. I think Silva’s speed and power would make Bones look like Shogun just looked. And about the size difference ya Jones has the reach but Anderson is truly bigger. At LH i think Machida posses a threat to Jones I do not think Jones would be able to take him down. As for stand up I don’t know how that would go but it would be interesting.


Are you high? Machita???? Hahahaha that’s a fucking joke & Machitas lost his last 3 fights. I know you machete nut lovers will want him in the mix but face it. Overrated!! Hua beat him 2 times(fucking Dana on his nuts too) & rampage as well. & rampage is not in it to win anymore. He’s done. I guess he’ll have to fight some has been to get everyone back on his tip. Where’s chuck or Tito? He’s the last one to knock them out too. But watch!


Machida only lost his last 2 btw, the first fight was really close w Shogun. And with the Rampage fight, Machida had the most effective offense in the fight and hurt Rampage pretty badly. Rampage even admitted he thinks he lost that fight in the end. Jones and Machida would be a great fight in my opinion because it would be interesting to see how Jones will do against someone who can get in and out of range like Machida does. Machida’s timing with in and out strikes may negate Jone’s reach advantage if he isn’t able to get Machida’s timing down.


I whole-heartedly agree with him, and I just loved what he said in the beginning of the interview, “I’m just going with it. I’m realizing more and more that no matter what I do before the fight, they’re gonna lock us in there and we’re gonna have to fight. I might as well enjoy the ride.”

I would definitely opt for Silva vs Jones. They’re both pretty creative, and I think it’d be a nice entertaining watch – though after seeing this I’m a bit nervous about Silva – I wouldn’t like to see him lose.



The law is so great, and its about time more people start to talk about it outloud! So many people are afraid of what people will think, love the fact that Jones isn’t scared to put it out there!


Yeah man – I agree. A lot of guys practice this stuff but don’t talk about it so young guys who get into personal development or self-help feel embarrassed about it.

Sure, you can’t just sit there and think about your goals and expect to achieve them if you don’t get off your ass, but it is the first piece in the puzzle IMO.


I started fighting as a kid as a hobby and was largely self taught for years. I used to do moves like these all the time, now I’ve been in BJJ, muay thai, judo, wrestling, etc, for years and years and I’ve been told not to do stuff like that so much that I’m almost too embarrassed to even try to practice it in the gym. Jones gives me confidence to be myself again.


Do your thing Justin!!


1. I agree fully with his views, beliefs and approach to lifes goals……well said. 2. i would say Silva vs Jones. similar style and build. GSP is a master, though there is no substitute for reach if u know how to use it. Silva and Jones both know how to use that advantage in the stand up and on the ground.


I would like to see Silva / Jones over Silva / GSP because I think Silva will take GSP out (no disrespect at all) just because his striking game is vastly superior and his range is much greater, GSP will be eating knees when he tries to shoot and if he stands up with him, he’ll eat kicks/punches all day.

Whereas Jones has the reach/size advantage, but Silva is more skilled, especially with defence, slipping, etc. It would be VERY entertaining.


I have to disagree with your comments re GSP vs Silva mate. We saw Sonnen repeatidly take Silva down when they fought. For five rounds straight he could not stop those take downs.

Could GSP not do the same? I think the biggest difference is that GSP would not get caught with a triangle like Sonnen did.


I’d rather see GSP vs Silva only because I’d hate to see Silva lose. Jones is making good fighters look ridiculous. It looks like me wrestling my nephew, the ending is never in doubt. Jones only competition will he in the HW division. The only other person as upset as Hua is Rashad because he knows he has no chance and might be next in line. That is a line no one is looking forward to standing in.


Yup, Rashad is going to get mashed up.


Honestly, I don’t want to see either “Super Fight”.

Silva is too big for GSP and Jones is too big for Silva.

But, between the two, Silva-Jones has more potential.

Although, being from Rochester, NY, I’d love to see Jones derail Silva.


ha! law of Attraction, when I first opened this email up I wondered if this Most Powerful Weapon you were typing about had anything to do with the manifestation of Goals. GSP uses this same mental technique.

I’d rather see Silva VS Jones since they’re closer in size and similar in fighting styles. It seems like GSP would have to undergo a process in order to transform his body to compete with Silva.