Don’t Get Ahead Of Yourself!

Here’s an email I just got from Rainer who’s been using my Ultimate MMA S&C program:

“Hi Eric,

I took me awhile(2-3 weeks) to reply to you, since i received your email. I just started the program 2 weeks after i grabbed the Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program. Hope this lengthy email will worth your while reading it.

Now that I’ve finished the corrective phase last Sunday, I’ll start on the base conditioning phase tomorrow.

To be honest, at first I underestimated your corrective phase, thinking that it would be easy since I’ve been working out a lot in the gym.

After I gave it a try, the corrective phase exercises made me swallow my own word. I struggle to finish the upper limit of the exercises reps. Now, that taught me to trust my strength and conditioning coach. 🙂

Aside from the exercise, your article about different type of stretching in the book, give me understanding of the effective way to do stretching. I had lower back problem(slipped disk), flexibility was a problem for me, I was really stiff after the recovery, I’ve been stretching without any significant result and normal stretching movement might agitate my lower back problems.

Using your stretching technique, my flexibility increases by a lot without agitating my lower back problem. My hamstring wall stretch when I first tried it, I could only stretch my leg about 45 degree from the floor, now I can almost stretch it up to 90 degree from the floor. This helps me a lot in my muay thai.

Additionally, your nutritionitsu gives me a whole difference perspective of what I should consume and also motivate me to fix my eating habit which is similar to sumo diet you pointed out. As results, my performance is improved in many aspects as well as my general health (Yeah, I feel really healthy now!).

Hope this explains.


The bottom line – don’t get ahead of yourself.

Give the basics a shot and you’ll create that ever-important foundation that will be the base for your savage strength, explosive power and endless cardio.

Build your base today:


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8 years ago

Yeah reading and going through Erics S&C program and Jeff Joslin’s MMA quick start program taught me that focusing on the basics builds a really solid foundation that you can achieve your goals with. I’ve done some boxing and grappling traing before Jeff’s program, but now that I’ve done it, nothing else compares.