Fat Loss Revolution?

The fat loss market is filled…

… with hype, exaggerated claims, and downright lies…

It’s a big reason why over the past couple of years I’ve been shy to promote my fat loss programs.

Fat Loss Hype

Example of the hype.

I never wanted to be grouped in with some of these shady characters because one bad apple spoils the bunch.

But I can see that I may be seen in this light by some, and after thinking about it, I can understand why…

At times, I’ve emailed about other people’s programs.

When I make a recommendation, 98% of the time, I stand behind it 100%.

Generally, when you purchase something through my recommendation, a nutrition product, fat loss program, whatever, I’ll make a commission.

Now I don’t promote everything I come across, because I get asked WAY MORE to promote than I actually do. When you develop a big following, people try to get in on the action.

It can actually get really annoying, for example, a guy emailed me a month ago to promote his new ‘fat loss workout for moms’ and I was like, “Are you serious? How many moms do you think I have on my MMA strength and conditioning newsletter list?”

But here’s why I feel I’ve got to issue an apology to you…

Over the past couple of years, there have been a few fat loss programs in particular that I’ve emailed about that I wasn’t fully, 100% behind.

For example, one author in the spring of last year, whom I will not name, sent me a package with a small bribe gift in it.

Even though I had no intention of promoting his fat loss program, I did, I think mainly because I felt I ‘owed him’.

Right when I sent the email, I felt guilty about it…

Thankfully nobody bought it because I’m guessing you saw right through my email recommendation, since it wasn’t genuine.

There were some other odd times where I’ve emailed about programs that I wasn’t fully behind; sometimes because the authors are friends and I’m just helping spread the word, or sometimes for a favour, or sometimes just for the commissions.

At times, I feel like I’ve acted like a shady used car salesman.

It's true! It's only got 20,000km on it... Trust me!

And for this, I offer you a sincere apology.

An even BIGGER apology goes to those who have purchased a program on my recommendation and ended up not satisfied.

I’m sorry for wasting your time and hard-earned money.

I know you trust me to provide you with solid advice about MMA S&C and general health, fitness, fat loss and nutrition advice and with these types of actions, I deserve to lose that trust.

But I’m not going to leave it at that, I’m going to leave you with a promise to gain your trust back.

As I prepare for my wedding this summer, I’ve been talking a lot about expectations with my fiancée, and one of the conversations we’ve had about ‘keeping promises’ is what has fueled this email.

It’s one of the most important things to her and isn’t just about big things, like being faithful, but also of not breaking little promises like finishing my day on time (I can be a bit of a workaholic, what can I say, I love this stuff).

So here are some of my promises to you, my loyal blog/newsletter reader:

  • I promise to only recommend programs, products or anything else that I would recommend to my best friend or brother
  • I promise to give 100% honest reviews and opinions about products that I come across, pointing out both the good and bad points of it and letting you know who I think it’s for
  • I promise to disclose when I will make commissions on any of my recommendations

And here’s the BIG ONE, the one I’m most excited about…

I promise to institute a new era of marketing of my own products that is 100% transparent, honest and real giving you actual DATA and results from my programs, as much as possible.

This, is the revolution in fat loss.

Why do I call this a revolution?

Because there will be zero hype, no lies, no stretched truths, only 100% verifiable data that you’ll be able to prove for yourself.

You’ll know exactly what my programs are capable of, instead of just seeing the best, hand-picked results.

I’ll explain more in my next update. Be sure you’re on my newsletter list for when that comes out.

I just want to let this sink in and hopefully we can restart our relationship on the right foot.

We cool?

Let me know below.

– Eric

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Hey Eric, Such a public confession can’t be easy, but WE’RE GOOD b/c: – you’re Ult MMA S&C Program + Nutrition-itsu are awesome (as per above comments); – i know you’re legit b/c amongst the many you’ve worked with are Jeff Joslin & Claude Patrick; – you’ve shown depth of character & respect for those on your mailing list; AND – you’re undertaking to provide data/results from your programs would involve a level of transparency i haven’t seen before amongst those selling fitness and training programs online. I also GREATLY APPRECIATE the undertaking to provide disclosure of when you make comissions from recommending others’ products. Again, it shows professionalism, respect for those on your email list, & a genuine committment to an ongoing relationship with us. I have purchased a couple of products you recommended: TACFIT Commando (bodyweight); + TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnatz (the one advertised at the top of this… Read more »


A great man once said…..You cannot become a power in your community nor achieve enduring success in any worthy undertaking until you become big enough to blame yourself for your own mistakes and reverses.!…..were cool love the articals, keep true to yourself


Nothing that can’t be forgiven after a few pints of Guinness. But since I’m following your MMA program and nutrition advice, beer is out for a while. After all the stuff you do for MMA, Damn Right we’re still cool!!! If you’re ever unlucky enough to be in Baltimore, drop me a line, the first pint, or twelve, is on me. Later bro!!



My thoughts as I read through:

– Disappointed.
– Glad you fixed.
– No one is perfect.
– Going to kick your ass next time I see you



Honesty is the best policy, were cool!


Koop mate!


Not exactly sure as to what that means but it sounds positive so thanks Larry. 🙂


Considering I’ve never bought any training programs on the internet, you won’t get any complaints from me.

And for those who did…that flourless muffin recipe of yours should forgive everything!



I’m making those tonight! 🙂

Rob van Beurden

Hi Eric,

I ran a gym for more than 20 years, and had 1 solid advice for all my clients seeking ‘weight loss’ advice; don’t take in more than you can burn’.
I’ve never ran a weight loss program in all those years, for the simple reason that none of them works (to last), so if you’ve ever endorsed a weight loss program on your website, I must have either missed it, or it didn’t register in my mind. As far as I’m concerned; your MMA-training program is solid. So we’re good.

From the Netherlands,


Right on Rob make sure to keep me posted on yours and your son’s results with it.


Owership is what seperates boys from men the fact that you made a bad choice and realized it and own up to it shows your character we all make mistakes that’s why pencils have erasers even though I personally don’t know you I have respect for you your a stand up guy were still cool& thanks for all your info and help take care brotha


Thanks for the kind words Jose.


Quit trying to sell me shit!


Can’t promise that dude…

But I can promise that when I do, it’s because I would recommend whatever it is to my brother or best friend.

You never, ever have to buy anything to keep benefiting from all of the free stuff that I make available to you (that costs time and money to produce).

Some things that you need in life cost money! Plus a brother’s gotta make a living somehow…


Thankfully I’m so broke I can’t buy any of this stuff. Lol. But I wish I had the money to work with you Eric, you seem like a genuine Guy.


Thanks dude.

Virgil Tanner
Virgil Tanner

A very wise man about 4,000 years ago said, “Whoever confesses and forsakes his sin shall prosper.” So, we’re good.


Cheers to that! Thanks man.


Thanks Eric. I think your nutrition-itsu program is pretty dam good! I dont think i need too much more than that to be honest! I dont even follow it to the T and ive seen tremendous results. Thanks again!


Glad to hear you got some great results with it Stevo!


Thanks for that. We’re cool.


Cool man, thanks.