How to Do Chinups

If you live in Ontario like I do, you were lucky to celebrate your first Family Day ever today.  Thanks Liberal government of Ontario – you’re the best at giving us days off!

To celebrate Family Day, I’ve decided to publish an instructional video featuring my niece Maddie (listen for what she says at the end of the set – it’s hilarious!).

Now for real, if you’re doing chinups, MAKE SURE you do these things:

  1. Use a full range of motion
  2. Puff your chest out at the top by pulling your shoulders down and back
  3. Stop when your form gets ugly, or use negatives by jumping up to the top, holding good form, then lowering slowly

If you get good at chinups, moves like this one will be a lot easier to pull off:

I can't believe I got caught...

I can't believe I got caught...

~Happy Family Day~

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