UFC 95 – What’s Your Call?

It seems like the UFC is wising up a little bit – the UFC 95 card seems pretty lackluster overall, so they’re rightfully giving it away for free on Spike.

But still, I’m looking forward to a couple of fights, the main card pitting Diego vs. Joe Stevenson, and the Demian Maia fight.

I think the Diego vs. Joe fight is going to be interesting and I’m really not too sure how it will turn out. I really don’t think Diego is going to be any bigger or stronger than Stevenson, because when I saw him up close before one of his fights, he was a pretty small guy. So that advantage is out.

But the thing that’s got me interested is the fact that Diego’s been training at altitude to get in top shape for this fight, which will actually LIMIT his performance.

(I just wrote about this at length in my newsletter, describing exactly why this is. If you want to see this article – post a comment here and I’ll put it up. If you don’t want to miss any future articles, sign up to my newsletter at the top right of this page.)

For this reason, I’m picking Joe “Daddy” to win this fight.

Now I’m just looking forward to the Maia fight to see if he will continue to win through top BJJ skills. His fights have been great to watch because he’s winning with pure BJJ technique. I think he’ll pull it off, what do you think?

One more fight that I’m curious about is the Junior Dos Santos fight. Let’s see if he can pull off another ‘Sho-ryu-ken’ this fight! He puts Ken and Ryu to shame…

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