Hip + Shoulder Flexibility FLOW Drill

This drill requires flexibility, coordination, balance and strength – so it hits many different Biomotor Abilities.

It also trains the Push, Twist and Lunge movement patterns in multiple planes of motion, making it one bad ass exercise.

Give it a shot:

The Cossack portion of this drill definitely requires good adductor flexibility and strength.

If you haven’t yet gotten the 3 Freaky Flexibility Techniques PDF, definitely grab it below because one of the exercises will help your Cossack tremendously if you have problems with it.


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[…] today’s video, I share another flow I’ve been using as part of my warmups […]

Dale Thompson
Dale Thompson

Thank you Eric Wong


You’re welcome Dale Thompson


Great to spend time with family. Sent you an email a while back on your T report.

Anthony Hershberger
Anthony Hershberger

Thanks Eric; enjoy your time with family; so important sir; however ; since you asked; I threw my right shoulder out doing some jumping jacks last night; very tight and throbbing pain; took some Aleive this am… Going to ice down today… Hoping for quick relief and mobility soon. Thanks; Anthony….p.s. Get back to me when you get home… Thanks again Eric