Dealing with a LOSS

Sooner or later, chances are pretty likely that you’re going to lose.

For whatever reason, physical, mental, injury or just the moon being in the wrong alignment, you will lose and it will suck. How you deal with it is the important thing.

But we often read or watch interviews with fighters and if they’ve just lost, it’s often the same old, “Well I’ll just have to go back to the drawing board and come back stronger.”

So I wanted to interview my bud Alan Belcher to get some more insights into how pros deal with losses.

His latest bout was against Michael Bisping on April 28 at UFC 159, which he lost due to a Technical Decision after getting poked in the same eye that he almost lost to an injury back in 2010.


Of course, I didn’t want to get in there right away so he’d have time to regroup, but I figured a month and a bit was enough time for him to do his thing.

He was gracious enough to accept my invitation and here’s some of the stuff we discussed:

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  • How much footage of his opponent he watches before a fight
  • If he watches his fights after they go down
  • What his mental game was like during the fight with Bisping
  • BREAKING NEWS about his career plans that might surprise you, especially since he’s still relatively young at 29 years old
  • What was going through his head after he got poked in they eye
  • How to get free training with Alan and his team though his new sponsorship program
  • And a shit load more![/green_plus_list]

It’s 34 minutes long and well worth the listen, so play it now, download it to your iPhone or get it setup so you can listen in the car.

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Download Link Here (MP3 – right click and Save As)

Here’s the link to the sponsorship application form if you’re a fighter interested in training full-time at Alan’s gym:

And if you’d like to follow Alan, here are the best places to find him:


Again, thanks goes out to Alan for sharing his wisdom with us.

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