LEVER Chinups: Get a Stronger Back and Core

The Lever Chinup requires not only a high level of Pulling and Core strength, but also good overall body control.

Don’t try to rush this or use momentum – strong and steady wins the race.

A few key points:

  1. Start by taking a strong grip on the bar
  2. Pack your shoulder blades at the top
  3. Don’t fall and break your skull

Training outside is awesome.

Obviously bodyweight exercises can be done outside.

Parks are great for doing Pullups and related exercises like this.

It’s also super easy to grab a Kettlebell, however I haven’t found a good way to carry it while riding my bike.

And of course, the TRX is an awesome, portable tool that allows you to do hundreds of exercises.

If you’re looking for TRX exercise and programming ideas, check out the Suspension Revolution program.



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9 years ago

Good video. I do these on my power rack.

For carrying the kettlebell on your bike, unless it’s >20kg or so, just get a cheap backback and throw it in there with a towel wrapped around it to pad your back.

9 years ago

Great vid E, any variations of chins/pulls are good in my book.

PS yeah know the feeling of KB on bike – tried to take a 32kg on the back once lol

TRX Revolution ..hmmm not that great really sorry, got it ages ago and not that impressed I think there is guys/gals out there doing more practical stuff 🙂

Keep up the awesome work!