Deadlift Back Pain | HFS + Strength | Trigger Point Fix [ASK ERIC]

In today’s QnA video, I answer the following questions:

What excercises do you recommend to strenghten the core when you have a herniated disc.

Thank you.

Luis Licea, Alhambra, CA – USA [1:16]


I have really been struggling with lower back pain over the last few weeks.

Mainly following deadlifts but it’s rolling into session two/three days later.

Could there be a potential injury or is it something I can fix with more mobility work?

Ross Perry, St Helens, Merseyside – England  [1:26]


I just started your Hip Mobility Program and have also started a new strength program that includes deadlifts, bench press, overhead press, squats, and bent over rows.

Should I avoid any of these exercises (or modify them) until my hip is stronger & more flexible?

Or is it best to do these programs in conjunction with each other?

Kim Guthrie, Midway, Utah – USA [4:26]


I was just wondering, do you have any tips for planning a good conditioning regimen for someone trying to get back into martial arts?

Currently with my schedule, I can’t take any martial arts lessons.

But soon once it clears up I plan to start back up, but I want to make sure to be in shape so I can keep up.

Thanks for any info you can provide!

Chris Walker, Camp Pendleton, CA – USA [5:47]


I have levatar scapular / trap muscle problems.

I’ve been trying the neck stretch from last Q&A, but my problem is more in the shoulder area. (like a golf ball in my back)

Any ideas for stretches?

Jesse Bull, Moncton – Canada [6:16]


In one of your videos you mentioned that you shouldn’t hold a neck stretch for more than 15 seconds.

What is the ideal hold time for stretches?

Does it differ from body part to body part?

Ravikumar Sundaram, Chennai – India [7:49]

If you’ve got a question about training for MMA or martial arts, nutrition, injuries or anything else that you’d like me to answer in a future QnA video, submit it here.

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Joe Thompson
Joe Thompson
5 years ago

Eric, greetings from Bangkok (not much hockey here). HFS has been fantastic for me. The addition of recent neck and back questions submitted, and answered, has further served to ease pain, and really (in conjunction with HFS) improve my posture! Also the quick back fix, I do 6 days/ week prior to HFS. The combo is killing it for me! Thanks (or khab khun krub, as we say here in Thailand). You’ve added years to my Muay Thai training!

5 years ago

Great stuff. Can you do a video on how to stretch or foam roll a tight quadratus lumborum. I have anterior pelvic tilt, and it gets painful sometimes. Thanks!