Maximize Power Ground Up Transfer (and activate your serratus anterior)

You might start getting more videos from me shot in my basement workout corner.

My 6 month old baby girl Livia is the cutest thing ever and I enjoy working from home more so I can bug her often throughout the day. 🙂

Because of this, you’ll be getting more corrective/patterning/activation drills that I do because I typically do these at home versus at the gym.

In today’s video, I reveal one of the techniques that I’ve integrated into my upcoming Shoulder Flexibility Solution, which is about 57% done.

[BTW – I’m definitely going to include much of the feedback I got from the survey responses, so thanks again for taking the time to respond if you in fact did respond]

Poo poo to the rest of ya bums 😉

In today’s video, you’re going to see how to train the skill of transferring force from the ground up through to your hand, like you want to do if you enjoy throwing really powerful punches.

In fact, after learning this skill, you may be able to punch so hard, you could punch down a 100 oak tree from its base.

I’m not exaggerating.

On top of that, I also show you how to activate the serratus anterior, with important coaching cues that many don’t know.

A sleepy/weak serratus anterior can result in:

[+] Pain and tightness between your shoulder blades (due to compensatory action from the rhomboids and middle traps)

[+] Decreased ability to transfer maximum force from the ground through to your hand

[+] A tight pec minor or a pec minor that won’t release even fromthe most aggressive stretching and treatment regimen

This last point is uber-important because a lot of guys have tight PEC MINORs and this limits flexibility and increases anterior shoulder pain and can create nerve impingements.


You’re getting a lot of bang from your buck in this vid ONLY if you put it to work for you.

Best part is all you need is a wall or something you can push up against with your hand, so NO EXCUSES.

Give it a go and make sure you tell me if you felt the serratus activate and if you became aware of any “force leaks” in your body when driving through the ground.

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Marc Stokes
Marc Stokes
5 years ago

I just reped out 10 per side . This is my new favorite exercise . It makes my back and wrist feel great , I think I must have winged scapula my back muscles in the middle of my back really stick out . Also I have a trapped ulnar nerve that give me a lot of wrist pain , this exercise has eased the pain.
Thanks a lot bro
Keep up the good work
From Marc stokes

5 years ago
Reply to  Marc Stokes

Awesome to hear brutha, glad it helped!

5 years ago

Good stuff Eric. Say, could you do something on a tight ql? Thanks.

5 years ago

showed no link in video, said connection reset. I would like to see you video

5 years ago

Thanks Eric.

Looking forward to adding this to my dynamic warm up (even though I’m not planning on knocking over 100 year old oaks anytime soon).

Also looking forward to your shoulder program. One of my goals is to get enough mobility to do a decent overhead squat.