Best Stretch Ever??

I was doing some program design (I always call it ‘PD) while hanging out on the couch and I did something I often do – I dropped down into a stretch while mulling over some PD considerations in my head…

Whenever I do PD, I try to do it away from the computer… for one – the computer is distracting and I can easily find myself losing focus while reading the latest ramblings on CagePotato or watching old fight vids…

It takes me at least a few hours to create a customized program for someone… After the assessment, I like to read over the results the day of, jot some more notes down, then just let it ‘brew’ in my brain for a couple of days like a good cup of green tea…


I was creating a program where we have 14 weeks until the fight… So I plan backwards from fight day, and fill in each week in reverse order based on the needs of the fighter…

[BTW – all people who train seriously should be following programs, which are designed for some end goal and are at least 8 weeks in length, as opposed to winging it or making up workouts the same day – the difference in results is HUGE]

Anyway, I want to share the stretch that I did that has really helped me loosen up a tight area for mixed martial artists and anyone who sits down for the better part of the day…

The best thing about this stretch is that you can pretty much do it anywhere, and you can individually target the psoas and rec fem by changing positions slightly – 2 problem muscles in many people, not just fighters.

So add this bad boy into your daily routine to keep your hips loose, limber, and healthy.

What are your favourite stretches? Leave them in the comments below!


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How reps/sets would you recommend, Eric?


awsome , it does really help me .. am this gives really stretch for the legs and hips so am feeling better then before and am really feeling light-footed and this is the point i was searching for , just all we say fortunately we have a good coach like you 😉
thanks and keep on !


great stretch, I have been doing this during my Cross-Fit training and it helps to start off my day then end it during Jujitsu class. Just turned 40 and staying flexible is key for me. Thanks and keep up the good work.


a great stretch, literally just done it, I try not to spend to much time working guard position as I mainly work for top game, but with boxing, and constantly working for takedowns, I really felt and needed the strecth on the rec fem, cheers Eric



I am just starting out with MMA. I Have a taekwondo background.


Hi Eric, that is a great stretch. Another I find important is a piriformis stretch, especially if I’m having some sciatic nerve pain. The nerve generally passes through the pirifomis and stretchinjg this muscle eases the pain symptom ( if not actually getting to the cause). It also helps a lot with various kicks eg inside or outside crescent kicks. It is an essential stretch and there are a lot of variations – from sitting in a chair with one heel/ankle on the opposite knee with the raised leg parallel to the floor, forming a triangle . You can press down on the triangled knee and use a PNF resistance method to increase the range of motion. etc. Cheers,Peter


Yeah Piriformis is definitely a good one to keep loose… thanks for the reminder of the PNF method too! It’s pretty effective…