Your Most Powerful Weapon

Joe and I were working together preparing for his first MMA fight which is coming next month…

He’s been training hard and he started training with me because he wanted to be 100% confident that he was in top shape going into this tournament… By doing so, he feels that whatever the outcome, he’ll be his best come fight night…

Atta boy Joe!!

So we started the session off doing strength training and finished with some intervals on the Airdyne… if you don’t know what an Airdyne is, it looks like this:

It’s an awesome tool for interval training because the harder you push, the more resistance is created since it’s driven by a fan…. plus it’s virtually indestructible…

I’m lucky to have scored mine for $60 used (I love finding deals)… Unfortunately mine didn’t come with the girl…

Anyway, this is NOT the most powerful weapon for MMA…

The most powerful weapon was revealed to me as Joe was in the middle of the 5th 60 second hard interval…

The interval started off like every other one, nice and strong, lots of power.

But about 20 seconds in, Joe cried,  "My legs feel like Jello!"

Right after he finished saying the ‘o’ in Jello, his speed dropped dramatically and it looked like all of the gas was sucked right out of his body with a shopvac.

The rest of the interval was a bit of a drag, despite my coaching and cheesy motivational lines "Come on man, it’s all you!!" (just kidding, I don’t use ‘it’s all you’)

Once the hard interval was done, I asked Joe if he realized that right when he said "My legs feel like Jello" his speed completely dropped.

He noticed it too and for the next and final hard interval, I coached him to get ready to give 100% for the entire minute and stay positive, only thinking about the next pedal stroke.

I told him to imagine that it was the last minute of the fight and push as if the title was yours if you just gave 100%.

Guess what?

Joe killed the last interval.

Absolutely KILLED it!

It was his fastest one of the entire session!

After he finished up, we sat around and talked about it, and it’s like a new skill was revealed to him (and me)…

Now, he knows what he’s got to do to make sure he’s at the top of his game when it comes time to fight.

Here’s the truth about what it takes to be a champ in MMA:

You don’t win the fight during the fight, you win the fight in all of the little battles you have with yourself, day in, day out.

If you can harness the power of your mind to be at your best everyday, you’ll go far.

It’s making it to all of your training sessions instead of tapping out to some lame excuse…

It’s pushing yourself through grueling workouts even though you want to quit…

It’s eating properly and fighting the urge to pig out on junk…

It’s getting to bed on time instead of dicking around on the internet so you’re fully recovered for the next day of training…

And everything else that goes into being a champion.

So I’m wondering, how are your day-to-day battles going?

Are you winning, or are you losing?

Every choice you make is either getting you 1 step closer to your goals, or 1 step farther.

So start making the choices that will get you closer to your goals today!

I want to hear what you think about this story. Please share your comments below and as you’re writing, tell me how you’re going to harness your most powerful weapon!


Your pal,

Eric Wong, BSc, CSCS
Your MMA Performance Coach

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Awesome Eric!

Here’s a quote I wrote when my best freind went off to fight at the world boxing championships in china 2007

I fight no Friend, nor Foe,
The only fight that exist
is against my own doubt.
I control the outcome!


Whats funny about this knowledge is almost everyone haves that knowledge and notjust from hear say but have proven it to themselves but still cannot get themselves into that mindset. I have a fight coming up in may and that is my biggest milestone to overcome.Not that i am not confident in myself. But in reading this it brought me back to my debut fight. I fought a guy who i had to come up weight to fight, I remember going into the fight not nervous smile on my face and anxious, i remember after the first round ending and i felt okay until i put my hands up on the cage and told myself how tired i was and going into the second round i remember how hard it was to bring my hands back up, going into the third all i could think about was holding on and… Read more »


Eric you’re right on target as always! There’s an old saying, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re probably right”. The mind is the strongest muscle in the human body without a doubt.




“Negatively and Self-doubt is a disease that will poison all that it encounters. One with positive energy and Self confident will inspire generations to come..To Inspire or Poison?” Sin~岑”
“As you think, so shall you become” Bruce Lee~李小龍


Great article Eric!

Positive mental attitude is always a large variable in training or competing! If you cant stay positive during training, how do you expect to stay positive when the pressure is on? Hard sessions build a solid mindset and character!

I have seen a lack of will affect fighters on more than one occasion, especially if they arent 100% motivated and take a few hits during a sparring session, happened last week during boxing training for our competition on monday. One of the welterweights took a hit, and for the rest of his round plodded around dropping his guard left right and center, he ended up with a little headache!

Stay motivated people!

Suffer for your art!

Kenji NItta
Kenji NItta

Good words, Eric. I struggle with eating and sleeping well. Time to change.


you wanna know the power of the m ind you should see some of the things i’ve seen my marines do. we do conditioning hikes but its not for physical training its more of a way to break through mental barriers that being a “normal” person has set. once youve done some crazy stuff that blows your own mind you realize there really is no limit to wat you can push yourself to do as long as you dont cheat yourself in the head


Just what I needed to hear today. Eric, I tried contacting you through your web-site regarding a writing position for my MMA, magazine. I’m not sure if you had a chance to read it or not yet. Please get back to me, since we’d like to publish some of your stuff. Thank you.

Laurence Griffiths
Laurence Griffiths

Great article and while training/fighting having this mental toughness makes a HUGE difference, I will say one thing though.

There’s a difference between not missing a session when you can’t be bothered and not making a session when you’re starting to feel run down and you’re having to force yourself to go.

With the later you risk overtraining and there is a fine line between staying committed and healthy and not listening to your body and overtraining.


I completely agree! Nothing worse than training stupidly and just plowing ahead ignoring all signs from your body to take it down.

Gotta know your body, but you’ve also got to be able to distinguish the BS, call it out, and kick it’s a$$!


Great stuff Eric, as well as training and doing my job I am also an NLP practitioner, we have a technique called anchoring its where you can use the thoughts/feelings/emotions from a previous experience and access them immediately in what ever situation your in. It takes practice before hand ( visualization ) but its really useful when you think have nothing left to use these other emotions, for me its like a turbo charger. Its worth spending time finding something that provokes the right feelings and spend time getting into the memory so that everything feels as it did in the original experience, this will help you get the full emotional/feeling to use when you need it most.

Fantastic program by the way really enjoying it

kele jones
kele jones

I guessed this one too simply because I was doing my running intervals on the treadmill yesterday. 20 minute run at 6mph than 10 1 minute sprints at max speed with 30 seconds rest. My mind wanted to quit but I pused through and after words my legs felt like jello good article peace


‘you cant fly like an Eagle on the wings of a Wren’

I dont know who originally said this but its a quote that my nan used to use.



I train MMA a few night a week, I help other fighters pro and amateur as a sparring partner, and ya it gets pretty tough sometimes, especially with even the small injuries you get in training (bruised ribs, sore neck etc) but beyond that its so true, sometimes you can be in a mood where you dont want to go or skip a class. It takes determination and commitment to roll in this game. As for the story, its great! Its big reminder for me to step up the pace in myself. Good stuff Eric.


actually i guessed this one right, because when i saw you say your most powerful weapon, i immediately thought its your mindset… but onto the story it very inspirational and very motivating


Hah you’re a smart guy then Fredy!! Kudos…