Immunity Course BONUS Bonanza

Grab Alan Belcher’s IMMUNITY Course (on sale Thursday Apr 25 @ 2pm EST – Sat before he shuts it down on Saturday night after his fight vs. Michael Bisping and here’s what I’ll hook you up with (when you grab it through this link RIGHT HERE):

Immunity Course Bonus #1

CAGE Cardio: Advanced Concepts for Combat Conditioning (will be sold for $97) 
Brand New Recording of the 2.5 Hour Live Workshop [Digital Version]

dvd-3d-webThis is the workshop I recently presented to a dozen trainers and fitness professionals where you’ll discover:

[+] How to harness the true power of KETTLEBELLS  with exercises and programming suggestions

[+] My current favourite ‘magic mobility’ exercises for improved, well, mobility as well as injury prevention

[+] 3 distinct energy system based CAGE Cardio workouts: 1) Aerobic + Alactic, 2) NRG and 3) Aerobic + Lactic

An invaluable resource for MMA Strength and Conditioning Coaches and fitness professionals serious about getting the best results for their athletes and clients.

I’ve posted a couple of preview clips here and here.


Immunity Course Bonus #2

Python Power Program For Submission Strength and Stamina (sells for $57)


Follow this 6-week program and you’ll add crushing strength and crucial stamina that will help you catch more subs.

Obviously, technique is more important.

But when matched up against an opponent with similar technical ability, strength and stamina will give you the edge and this program will be the grappling strength and stamina edge you need.

Click here for full details about the Python Power Program (opens in new window).

Immunity Course Bonus #3
TACFIT Grappler’s Circuit (Unreleased Program)

The first 2 bonuses are already over $150 in value, but I thought I’d throw this in because it’s a fun (a relative term) circuit workout that is designed specifically to improve conditioning for grappling, based on Scott Sonnon’s TACFIT Commando program.

It’s a couple years old now but still works just as well as when I first created, although I wasn’t as tuned into the science like I am now (which you’ll learn about in the CAGE Cardio Workshop).

So there you have it – my Immunity Course Bonus Bonanza. After you grab the Immunity Course I suggest you start implementing my materials in the following way:

  • Read through and follow Python Power
  • Watch the CAGE Cardio Workshop
  • When you're done Python Power, implement the Grappler's Circuit and the "Power Burst" workout from the CAGE Cardio workshop along with a basic strength program

Don’t forget – the only way to grab my bonus package is to pickup the IMMUNITY Course through this link right here:


Once you’ve grabbed the Immunity Course, just enter your details in the form below so I can make sure you’re tagged through my link and I’ll hook you up with everything.

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7 years ago

A great deal I couldn’t past up… You’re The Man Eric

7 years ago
Reply to  Joseph

Right on – thanks dude. You’ll love the Immunity course and all my bonuses. It’s like Christmas!

Everything will get to you on Monday the latest, just gotta set it all up. You’ll get an email as long as you enter your details in the form above.

Thanks again!