CAGE Cardio BE Winners (plus surprise bonus)

I’m currently making sure everything is working and running smooth for the launch of the CAGE Cardio Bodyweight Edition program. Everything is looking good and I’m psyched to get this into your hands…


Here’s what you’ll get and the info I’ll be dropping on you in this program:

  • Why precise, science-based conditioning methods are necessary to avoid the 11 common symptoms of overtraining
  • My 8 Principles of Strength and Conditioning that will help you reach your fittest self ever
  • 7 unique 4-week bodyweight workouts based on the different energy systems and combinations of energy systems that you can use to get in top fight shape AND as templates to build your own workouts
  • Instructional and follow along videos of every workout - I don't just show you the exercises but teach you the finer points of technique through high quality streaming videos so you can do them as well as if you were training with me (without the $100/hour training fee!)
  • Progressive training templates that are easy to follow that outline exactly how to manipulate reps, sets and rest periods to force your body to adapt and reach new levels of physical performance day in, day out
  • The two sub-categories of Aerobic + Lactic and Aerobic + Alactic workouts: SYSTEMIC and LOCAL - and how and when to use them
  • And a heck of a lot more!

If you’re pumped about this program, you’re only half as pumped as I am to share it with you!

Keep your eyes open for an email tomorrow where I’ll be hooking you up at a special launch price (you’ll be shocked when you see it).



I also just  finished reading through all the responses to the little CAGE Cardio contest I ran over the weekend and I’ve chosen the winners.

They are (drum roll please)…


I chose Andrew because he’s a fighter spending the cash to come back from an injury and I want to help the chap out because I know rehab can get pricey and I also know my programs will help him get back stronger than ever. Best of luck – can’t wait to watch you fight after you get back stronger than ever. 


I chose Cole because he’s a Kinesiology student and he’s shown the initiative to learn above and beyond what they teach in school. I highly respect anyone who has a commitment to personal growth – especially young dudes like Cole. Congrats brutha!


I chose Richard because he’s been following my stuff since he started MMA and he’s shown that he’s been paying attention to my teachings by talking about info I dropped years ago! Thanks man and I’m honoured to help you in your career. 

If you won – please hit me up via messages on Facebook to claim your prize.



… this includes the winners and anyone who grabs the CAGE Cardio BE program when I launch it tomorrow (you’ll get an email when it goes live).

What is this surprise bonus?!?

You’ll have to watch the video to find out (it’s not that long):


And here are the additional links with more info on what I’ve revealed in the video above:

Link #1 – The Dream

Link #2 – The Influence of the TMA

Link #3 – Introducing the …

Link #4 – Decoding the name ______

Link #5 – The FOUNDATION

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Yufeng Yang
Yufeng Yang

Hey eric,

what’s the difference between this and your ultimate mma strength and conditioning programs? Also, could you do a review on the mass suit some time?



Sorry for the late reply bro.

The difference is that Ultimate MMA is a fight prep program – it tells you everything to do leading up to a fight with 8, 12 and 16 week training templates.

This product includes 7 conditioning workouts and more importantly, teaches you the science behind everything. It includes some advanced concepts that I’ve expanded upon since Ultimate MMA.

Yufeng Yang
Yufeng Yang

So this would be superior to ultimate mma?


Not necessarily. Ultimate MMA is more complete and is step-by-step for leading into a fight.

Do you have a fight coming up? If so, Ultimate MMA is your best choice.

If not, then it’s up to you – if you want strength + conditioning then Ultimate MMA has it, if you just want conditioning workouts then CAGE Cardio.

Yufeng Yang
Yufeng Yang

Yeah i’ve actually got a fight on may 11th, unfortunately for me I only found out about your materials and site this week, I guess I’ll implement ultimate mma into my training for my next fight.



When will we be able to buy this. I have all of your products, love them all. Amazing results.


eric can i ask you if i bought this deal would that enable me to view the boxing program designing ? and how much will it be ? please answer


Yes sir!


Great stuff – looking forward to the release of this program. Do enjoy BW training as it is portable (work has me travelling frequently), and there is always significant room for creativity vis-a-vis the workouts.

Keep up the good work – always recommending your stuff to my training partners.


Thanks dude, much appreciated!


Is the cage cardio program a good enough program to follow as a stand alone to get into shape for a fight? this is of course not including my 3 to 4 times in the gym boxing?


Depends on your current strength levels.

CAGE Cardio is designed to improve conditioning on top of a solid base of strength and/or in addition to a strength routine.


Hello Eric. I enjoy your insructional material. I would like to know your thoughts on electric muscle stimulation and air machines to induce high altitude like conditions ( something to do with oxygen in the blood.



Train smart, train hard, train CONSISTENTLY and if you’re at a level where a 1-5% increase in performance is the difference between a win or loss then it MIGHT be worth the energy to look into.