TRXercise: 1-arm Power ROWtation

The weather is getting nice which means I’ll start doing some more outdoor workouts.

So I’ll be toting my TRX around and banging out a bunch of these:

As I mentioned in the video, this trains something called the Posterior Sling system.

Here’s a diagram showing you how it works:


As you can see, the glute is attached fascially to the opposite lat.

When you reach forward with your arm and opposite knee like when you run, it stretches this system and allows you to take advantage of the stretch-shortening cycle so when your foot lands and you drive off the ground, you can drive with more power.

For punching, you can take advantage of this in the second punch of a combo, for example, you throw the left hook then follow up with the right cross, stretching the left lat during the left hook, then ripping the arm back to unleash the full power when you throw the right cross.

Just another way to think to help you develop more power in your strikes.

Got a Q or comment? Hit me up below.

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Kru Ray
7 years ago

Nice post, many fighters and trainers neglect the opposite shoulder when punching.

7 years ago

Great post as usual, Eric. But I am sure many others like myself are wondering, how would you go about incorporating this in a workout? How many reps/sets/rest/etc would benefit us the most? Thanks and keep the great posts coming.

7 years ago

Hey Eric,

Always enjoy your tips/exercise demos etc. Nice version of the SA T-Reach Row, I am a TRX Fiend (Run classes) – although I agree double holding the TRX handles develops grip strength (always a good thing) some will have difficulty so you could turn into single mode looping the straps together. Good point about driving hips through too most drop their hip 🙁

Thanks for another great demo mate love your work!