WRIST Straps | SI Joint Issues [ASK ERIC]

In today’s QnA video, I answer the following questions:

Hello Eric, I just started your program a week ago and it is awesome. Thank You.

I just wanted to ask, what are your thoughts on using wrist straps?

Heavier weights but weaker grip strength. What are your thoughts on which is more important?

Eric Baker, Omaha, USA [00:37]


Hi Eric, I had been suffering from SI Joint dysfunction for the last year or so…joint seems to be staying in place now, but my lower back is still tight a lot.

If I lay on my front in be it tightens up pretty quickly. When I sneeze I have to dip my knees or if I’m sitting and sneeze one of my abs (someone every time) spasms…

Also deadlifting is pretty much a no go as it aggravates the tightness…any ideas?

My mate has your hip flexibility guide and was showing me a few stretches , is there anything you recommend that I sole focus on ?

Dan Gallagher [03:04]


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Tim Norris
Tim Norris
5 years ago

I got the hip flexibility and had some decent results , but when i got more active again the hip issues returned. An mri revealed i have a labral tear . My question is could some of the exercises and or stretches make the labral tear worse and if yes which parts could i continue to do .

5 years ago
Reply to  Tim Norris

Any indication of severity or location?