Ultimate MMA Helps Athlete Train With Japanese Pros

I’ve been talking with Dylan Rayner, a fighter who is currently training in Japan. Pretty sweet. When my buddies and I first started watching PRIDE we often dreamed about going to Japan to watch one of the Grand Prix events at the Saitama Super Arena!

Anyway, I asked Dylan to share his results with the Ultimate MMA S&C program with you as opposed to me going on and on about it. I’ve bolded the benefits that you get from the program that I think are the most important as a mixed martial artist:

"The way you give out complex detailed information in such a simple efficient way is one of the best things about your programs (besides of course how awesome the actual programs are).

I also really like the way you are personal with all your online clients and try to give us attention, as well as genuinely wanting everyone to improve as much as they can.

When I first started training here in Japan I was barely doing any body training outside MMA training, just running every morning. I got grinded down and gassed within seconds of sparring with any of the dudes In the gym, even though I was usually 10 kg heavier they just felt so strong and they could go on forever.

After just a few months on your main UMMAS&C #1 program I already had the base strength and cardio to feel like I could train all night with the guys if I had too!

This meant I could start focus on actually learning techniques instead of using every ounce of my soul just to not die in mount bottom every night!

The best feeling though was getting compliments from a lot of high level Japanese fighters, such as Yushin Okami about how my conditioning, strength, and MMAS game was improving so fast!

Okami even got me to help him out with his preparation when he fought Anderson Silva.

(I've also tried alot of your other programs and they are all awsome. Your nutrition manual was the one thing that got me started on my healthy eating and healthy lifestyle plan, so thanks for making the rest of my life better too!)

As you know I'm on a training trip in west Japan atm, this is a photo with Pancrase (and more) Champion Takumi Nakayama at his gym in Osaka:

Dylan Rayner MMA

Dylan Rayner
Currently training in Osaka, Japan

The benefits that Dylan experienced that I think are the most important for any fighter looking to step their game up are:

  • Efficiency – the Ultimate MMA S&C program has been whittled away and shaved down to only include what you need to get results, nothing more, nothing less
  • The program allows you to get more out of your MMA training, rapidly accelerating your skill development
  • It just feels damn nice to hear your training partners asking about your “secret” or commenting on your high level of fitness and conditioning

Thanks for sharing Dylan and we look forward to hearing more about your progress!

Here’s where to go to get the main Ultimate MMA S&C program to get results like Dylan:

==> The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program



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