Integrating the Olympic Lifts

I got a question from cork_boi about integrating the Olympic lifts into the Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning program.

For those of you who own the program already, I’ve added new templates that slot in various Olympic lifts throughout – look for it in the INSIDERS ZONE.

However, I know not everyone has the program, so I also talk some general Olympic lifting guidelines in this week’s “Ask EricWongMMA” segment.

I also got a new intro trailer vid – check it out:


As I mentioned in the vid, it’s vitally important that you execute the O-lifts with good technique, or you could hurt yourself or just simply not reap the full benefits of these awesome exercises.

If you’re not confident with your current technique or you’re a new to them and want to learn proper technique, grab my Olympic Lifting Mastery course:

The Olympic Lifting Mastery Course

The Olympic Lifting Mastery Course

Got any further questions on the O-lifts?

Let me know below…

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8 years ago

Nice this is a great idea you got lots of cool programs, would be great if you do this sort of integration betwen all of them ,maybe using the s&c as the base one .
I have notice that the excercices are similar in some of the programs like the bulgarian split squad is in the oapu and the s&c as well so maybe there is a cool way to integrate all of them somehow
Could be like a super program lasting a full year instead of few months who knows
I know this s&c last what it should for fighting preparation but for people who is not fighting maybe having all this cool programs in a year full of workouts would be nice
Just saying maybe is not a good idea lol is up to you
You are the doc doc lol thanks for the info.

8 years ago
Reply to  Josemm

Sounds like a great idea… 🙂