Cinder Block Workout

I got back from the cottage last night for the Canada Day long weekend.

The weather was SICK and I had a great time. Swimming, fishing, canoeing, kayaking and playing cards with my family makes for a great weekend.

Unfortunately, I didn’t end up filettting a fish on video like I’d hoped; it’s not because I didn’t catch any, in fact, I caught a few nice ones. No I’m not just telling a fisherman’s tale, I’ll share some pics that are on my Dad’s camera later.

But I didn’t cook one up because they were either a bit too big or a bit too small. I don’t like killing the big ones because they’re fun to catch and the small ones just aren’t worth killing for the little meat they provide. So back they went. Next time I’ll get one for you.

And it’s not like there was a want for food – check out this shot of the camp fire BBQ burgers I had going:

Hot damn – look at all that smoke! Best burgers I’ve had in a while – a lot of the wood that I’d used to make the coals was maple, so the flavour was unreal.

In terms of working out, I find it really tough to push myself at the cottage. The environment totally promotes relaxation and chilling out and I do those things quite well.

But my wifey is pretty diligent with her workout schedule, so she often motivates me to get something done too.

There were a pile of cinder blocks laying about near the dock, so I decided to grab one and start playing around with it. One thing led to another and soon I found myself in bed with my hand up… Oh wait that was something else – no I meant one thing led to another and I was soon lifting, pressing and swinging a cinder block around.

Here’s a little video I shot of me doing just that:


Sometimes, it feels good just to grab a cinder block and throw it around.

With this video, I wanted to make two points:

1) It’s easy to keep moving no matter where you are and no matter what you’ve got available to you, whether it be a fully outfitted gym with barbells, dumbbells, balls, racks and what not or you’re at the cottage and all you’ve got is some cinder blocks, maybe some rocks, and a lake.

2) Don’t take training too seriously all the time. Loosen up. Play. Move your body. Enjoy it.

I bet I got more anabolic benefit from this fun workout than I would’ve spent 5 hours researching the best set and rep scheme for muscle building simply due to the impact on my cortisol levels. But that’s another story.

When it comes to zeroing in on and achieving results, have a plan, and stick to it. But don’t be so rigid with your plan that you’re afraid of moving your body. That type of fear will go more to thwarting your results than any fun workout like this will.

Have you ever done any random, spontaneous workouts like this that you totally enjoyed doing? Let me know below!

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8 years ago

Now I know what to do with the cinder blocks stacked next to my garage!

Also – high five for the Pinback audio track, I’m going to have to queue that up while I grill some salmon tonight.

8 years ago

Going on holiday, the beach had a big rope swing, so I ran the beach and climbed the rope. Challenging and fun too

8 years ago

That place looks pretty much like my version of paradise. Must be great to have such a place to steal away to! These last six weeks I’ve been stuck at a largely abandoned military base with a very limited array of training equipments (stairs, branches for hangups, logs, a rusty barbell without plates). At the begining I felt clueless and lost, but after a few days of just doing random shit until I got tired, I started liking it more and more to the point where I had a great amount of fun working out (and not just the endorfines kicking in). Being forced to mixing it up brought a sort of playfulness into my workouts, and I, contrary to what I thought when I arrived at the base and saw the “equipment”, actually improved my level of fitness. I dare all of you to try it. Just find a… Read more »

8 years ago

I have done javorek complexes with dumbells and cosgrove complexes with barbells. I have no idea what energy systems they challenge. They just hurt and you get one hell of a pump and your heart is bursting out of your body. Its really good fun!