Punching Power – Born or Made?

In Manny Pacquiao’s controversial fight against Timothy Bradley, on a couple of occasions the (weathering) commentators mentioned that Bradley was unfortunately one of those fighters born without punching power.

Unlike Mike Tyson, Anderson Silva and Chris Leben, of course, who all came out of the womb and uncorked some monster combos on the unsuspecting OB-GYN and laid him flat out for no other reason than being the first face they saw. Poor docs.

Now I’ve written about the topic before on my blog:

Shit, I had no idea I’ve written about this topic so much! Time and words fly……

Now, I always question anyone who says that anything is purely a product of “nature”.

Because with respect to life, almost 100% of things in your life are a combination of nature and nurture, that is, your genetics (nature) and everything else (nurture) including your environment, how you were raised, what you ate, what you did, who you lost your virginity with, and on and on and on.

So when I got the question from Santiago Sanchez from Logansport, USA, I decided to think about it a bit more and answer it for you in today’s Ask EricWongMMA.

After you watch the video, I’d love to hear what YOU think.

Here’s the vid:


And because this is a new segment, let me know if you like it.

We’ve had 3 weeks where I’ve done one of these videos now, so let me know if you think I should keep ’em coming.

[———————– UFC 148 SPOILER ALERT ————————]

Don’t read this if you don’t want the event spoiled!




OK, we should be clear, now, let’s go:

After watching Silva’s win vs. Sonnen, I couldn’t help but feel a bit manipulated

I’m talking about the pre-fight trash talking between Sonnen and Silva, especially how Silva came out with some very strong words, then afterwards he basically says, “Yeah, we were just messing with you guys, we just do this to build hype. Me and Chael are going to be best buddies now and sleep on mattresses full of the money that we made from hyping this fight up so much.”

Trust me, I know how the game works and I think the fighters deserve every penny that they make.

But still, I think it’s a bit much to go all out with the trash talking then when it’s over, say straight up how you were just doing it to build hype.

Did you feel this way too or am I just being overly sensitive? 

Please share your thoughts with me – I need to know if I’m still a man or need to lose the skirt and panties.


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…the trash talking and hype has already spoiled the ufc. real fighters don’t talk sh*t they bring it and leave it in the ring. bottom line. chael should have learned from miller and rivera to keep his mouth shut…wouldn’t feel/look like such a doozsh.

and whats up with the weigh-ins??? if you like to watch the weigh ins you are either 1. a woman or 2. gay.



definitely keep doing this eric i enjoy all the info.

about the anderson vs sonnen you know what man i really hope ufc is never going to be like the wwc or all that fake wrestling where is just all talk and bullshit they should avoid all that crap no theater man just good fights or it will start to decay just like wrestling man.


Keep ’em coming Eric. Watched every one.


I’m not a fan of trash talk at all. Just turn up and fight. I understand in America you have the WWE so it’s a probably a cultural thing. People buy into this nonsense and it sells fights: if I was a professional fighter then I would be talking trash too in order to cash in. If people fall for this nonsense then tough luck when you find out you’ve been duped.

Keep these “Ask Eric Wong” videos, they’re top notch!

Ravyn Summers
Ravyn Summers

Hey Eric! LIKED AND SUBSCRIBED! Awesome, detailed explanation! KO Power, in my relatively uneducated opinion is such a subjective topic, because as I understand it all breaks down to physics. And physics is a variable, from the mentioned rotational speed to the speed and momentum of your opponent, to the placement of the punch! As an aside, I wanted to thank-you for the Ultimate MMA S&C Guide 2.0! As a grappler with a disability, I’m always trying to be ahead of the curve, and a lot of the time that comes down to conditioning. And I must admit, nutrition is my Achilles’ Heel, so nutrition-jitsu is a Godsend. I’ve got three months until I start training in Japan with AACC (Megumi Fujii, Hiroyuki Abe and a bunch of other killers) and I want to be in the best shape of my life, so I’m going to undertake the twelve week… Read more »


Watch the youtube clip Ravyn, that’s inspirational stuff. Keep it up and good luck in Japan.


Just watched the video Ravyn – that’s super inspiring man, thanks for sharing that… I’ll have to fire that out via email!

Steve VB
Steve VB

Awesome, thank you yet again, this is so similar to the one “I can not loose weight it’s in my genes to be fat” one of my wife’s friends uses this one.


Thank for all the info much appreciated

Gary George

Very cool. Yeah keep the videos coming