Ask EricWongMMA: Electrolytes, Gatorade and Post-Workout Recovery

Just posted my first ever Ask EricWongMMA response concerning gatorade, electrolytes and post-workout recovery drink options.

Check out the video here:

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Randall Coleman
Randall Coleman

I have been taking pre and post workout supplements since I first started exercising and I am very satisfied with myself. At the beginning I wasn’t sure what to choose and which supplements are better then other, and I got advised not to choose them lightly, since that is something I am giving to my body daily. I first did a lot of research on differences and read a lot of articles on tips and advice before making a decision, and I think everyone should be careful. You can read here on what are the best supplements for you and catch some tips for your exercise.



You dissed Gatorade! I respect you so much more… you truly know your $h!t.

Dave Duong
Dave Duong

Hi Eric,

I constantly drink honey lemon juice during workout to boost my recovery and have an ampoule of 10ml calcium right after workout.

Then, I saw your new video and I am thinking about adding sea-salt and calcium directly into my drink to improve recovery during workout.

But I am afraid citric acid in lemon may convert the calcium into calcium citrate.
So, the question is should I be worried about that?


P/S: Thanks for your great videos btw