Tough Cottage Workout Routine

I’ve gotten a few questions about workout tips while travelling so I figured, “What better place to shoot the video than while I’m at the cottage?”

I’ll be here for just over a week, right now I’m typing this up just after finishing a card game called Kalooki (sp?) with my folks. I think it’s a Chinese Jamaican game because I haven’t met anyone else who knows the game.

My mom got stung by a bee in the hand today while clearing brush. It puffed up like a balloon, but is going down now. We were joking that people do this to themselves on purpose to get rid of wrinkles. She’s been clearing brush all week, which is why I gave her the nickname “Bushwhacker”.

I’ve also done some fishing with my old man – he’s been kicking my ass. He caught a nice 30″ Northern Pike and boated a good 2.5 pound Smallmouth Bass today.

I’ve been limited to catching 14″ bass like the largemouth above – not bad but definitely nothing too mean.

Here’s another reason why I love it up here – the sunsets:

My dad has also been kicking ass in the “persistence” department. He changed the garage door opener because the old motor failed and we ran into some obstacles where the door would almost close all the way, then start going back up automatically. I just left to go hang out by the lake, but the old bastard kept at it for hours until he figured it out. Sometimes you just can’t beat persistence.

One of the main reasons why I’ve come up to the cottage is because I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my mission and purpose.

What I want to do with my life and business. What impact I want to have on the lives of those who choose to follow what I teach.

I’ve actually been thinking about this stuff for months now. Just ask my wife. I feel that I’ve come to a certain point where I really need to sit back and reflect and ponder what direction I want to move forward in.

I’ve been going back and forth between things that seem like good business ideas, but might not be true to myself as much as other ideas that might not be so hot business-wise, but are a natural extension of who I am.

For example, it’s very clear that I could make a lot of money catering to those who want six pack abs. The six pack abs market online is huge and it generally attracts raw beginners to exercise and online fitness programs, as well as 16 year high school dudes who are hoping that having six pack abs will help them get laid.

Unfortunately I possess the knowledge that six pack abs will not in fact help you get laid if you’ve got no game. I had six pack abs in high school. Girls were definitely not throwing themselves at me. I wish it weren’t true. So if you want to get laid, go the more direct route and learn how to talk to girls and be cool as opposed to hoping a chiseled mid-section will magically open their legs for you.

The part of me that wants to go the six pack abs route is the part of me that values making money over anything else. This part of me pops his head up every now and again, but I usually manage to make him take a back seat to other goals.

Training MMA fighters was one such choice I made to forego money for passion that I made back in 2006/2007.

When I started, there was absolutely no money to be made by me. Fighters back then had barely any dough and those who wanted to get into fighting were generally broke.

I’d have made a heck of a lot more money training fat ladies in bootcamps, but I felt I had to choose the “higher road”. Not to piss on anyone training fat ladies in bootcamps, if that’s your thing then do it and do it well!

It’s because I’ve always been about performance and measurable results doing something, like competing in MMA for example.

Even my MMA Ripped program, which I often promote as a physique reshaping program is based on this core value of performance and results – while the name comes with the connotation that you’ll get ripped like an MMA fighter, what’s more true is that you will make considerable gains in various components of fitness: strength, muscular endurance, cardio, as well as changes in physique, in a pretty short amount of time. I’m compiling some data that I think will blow you away based on results of guys who have shared their assessment results with me after following the program.

So I know that how to get measurable fitness gains  is what I like to teach people.

I’ve also come to the realization that while I love MMA and always will, as it’s grown, there are some things associated with it that I don’t like so much.

PEDs are one thing. I wish they were no issue and simply didn’t exist, but they do and fighters are using them and the whole idea of PEDs goes against my belief system of natural health.

The unfortunate idea of only training when a fight is booked  is another.

Fitness, strength and cardio are physical qualities that must be worked at consistently, otherwise you’ll only ever reach the same peak for each fight and never progress. I find this almost too frustrating to handle sometimes.

Well, I’ve been rambling a bit too much, but I just wanted to share some of the thoughts that have been flying in and out of my brain.

Now, I’ve got an awesome little workout for you that I filmed on my iPhone for you while here at the cottage.

It’s no joke – I’m typing this a day after the workout and my forearms are smashed, my entire core is sore, and mid-back muscles that I haven’t felt in a long time have woken up.

This in response to all of those who have asked me for travel workout tips. What better way to teach you than to show you exactly what I do.

Here it is:

Get anything from this video or post?

Can you give me any insight on how I could best help YOU?

Sharing your goals below would really help me understand my loyal followers a little more and might give me insights into what direction I want to go in.

And of course, any related questions or simple comments can go below too.

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Jorgen Nordahl
Jorgen Nordahl

I prefer either the Crazy 8 workout or the 10×10 MMA Bodyweight Circuit. Both of them is fast demanding, and you can do as many as you like up to 8 or 10 of repititions as you like/ can do. Crazy 8 you can use weights or you can cobine the two with 10 x 10 as a warm up and then do Crazy 8.


Oh yeah, I think it would be awesome if you could develop an mma strength and conditioning program using the trx deal and the cinder blocks. Just very bare minimum. The gym situation in my area is sketchy at best, always closing, and unpredictable. Just a suggestion, thanks.


Do what you’re going to be proud of later in life. Money is necessary for modern life but it isn’t the ultimate goal. You are providing people with way more than a product. I think it’s awesome that you don’t make anything up. It’s hard to trust people these days. But I trust you, as do a lot of other people. Thanks for keeping it real.


jessss!! man I know what are you talking about Im musician and I have spend the last 12 years of my life studying working and breathing music and that question you have now is something you deal with as an artist I could make some cheezy easy music and make lots of money but somehow doesnt feels right I could be on MTV selling garbage and lots of people will buy it is really so sad how people is into really cheezy shit these days , my music in the other hand is not for everyone im into electronic underground stuff and honestly doesnt sell as much people just dont get it yet lol some people just wont bother to listen to it because it doesnt have easy catchy melodies that repeat over and over forever haha anyway what im trying to tell you is that i just had to… Read more »


I find it refreshing that money isn’t your top priority. Go with your heart, go with your gut and you will never go wrong. The workout looked pretty intense. Keep it up!


Another awesome workout, muscles aching just watching!!!!


Yo Eric as always love your product. Follow your heart. Whatever it is you do in life do it to the max. Be the Best Eric Wong ever. I found you by searching for a resource that would help me survive the training I want to do. My 13 year old was invited to the adult class of Kyukushin(world Oyama Karate) and I wanted to make sure that he was not abused in that class. Little did I know that I would fall in love with the contact, strategy and camaraderie of our dojo. Working your mma s&c program(my son and I) are getting so many gains it is unreal. We are looking for a little bjj to supplement our present training and we are both looking to fights in the future. Eric do know that you are enriching many lives out there and we are grateful. Time with family… Read more »


Great video and thoughts Eric! Love to see you walking the walk.


Great video and info. Loving the daft punk soundtrack. Maybe
if you wore a shirt your wouldn’t get bitten as much 😉


Great stuff, it’s good for us mere mortals to see a professional like you persevering through struggles with balance and execution. Good to see your inventiveness as well. In your Bulgarians; if you want to hit your hams and glutes even harder, move the front block just a little further away so your front shin can stay perfectly vertical through the entire movement. Keep your weight centered between your feet (so it almost feels like you’re too far back). Still keep your toes off, bring it really deep and drive through your heel like your shin is a piston. Thanks for your generosity. You give us a lot of yourself and your knowledge.. As for your career, remember, on no one on their deathbed ever said, “I wish I’d spent more time in the office.” Stay true to your principles and go to bed every night knowing you made the… Read more »

Jorgen Nordahl
Jorgen Nordahl


I hope you will be doing what you like, and can make a liiving out of. I have done what I have hated and made a living out of, done what I loved and had a hard time making a living out of, and now doing what I am almost loving and making a living out of. This is a situation that I prefer!!. I really do love youre bloggs, videos, training programs and so fort. They do help me in my Martial Art training, keep in shape, and mastering a demaning jobb/ life situasjon.


Hey Eric,
First of all the workout looked great, that was a great way of working out your strength without having a lot of weight, and the next time i dont have any weights around im going to do that, thanks man :).
Secondly, about your career choice, i definitely think you should do what you enjoy rather than just going for what pays better. Your career is a big part of your life and if your not happy doing your work then you wont be as happy away from it either. But whatever decision that you choose i hope you continue to send emails and blogs, they have helped me and i know plenty others. Its great work that your doing 🙂


Id like to see some more programming that isn’t so complex that can give the same results…Your programs are all great and give some fantastic results but I am someone who really likes simplicity and easy to follow programs using easy movements